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Kodiak Rating: Vendor Analysis (Solution Overview, Strengths/Weaknesses, Company SWOT, Selection Checklist, Analysis)

02/26/2020 By and

As we’ve mentioned in previous research, the market for supplier management applications is fragmented with many types of solutions and approaches. At Spend Matters, we have defined five core supplier management capabilities:

* Supplier information management (SIM)
* Supplier performance management (SPM)
* Supplier relationship management (SRM)
* Supplier risk management (Supplier Risk)
* Supplier quality management (SQM)

Most supplier management applications today have their origin in the SIM or risk areas. There are very few, if any, vendors focused on SPM, and to get that functionality, buying organizations have usually been forced to invest in broader suites, either full S2P suites or extended SIM or Supplier Risk applications. As a result, many organizations, especially (but not limited to) mid-size organizations, have resorted to using Excel as the primary tool for supplier performance management.

But, that said, SPM needs information from other applications to measure performance and has overlaps with the other SXM areas. You typically need some basic information about your suppliers (SIM) and both risk and quality data (Supplier Risk and SQM) to rate your suppliers, and in order to act upon the ratings, some SRM capabilities are needed.

Kodiak Rating’s solution stands out in the market with its primary focus on SPM (and to a lesser degree SQM) supported by basic capabilities in the other SXM areas.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Introduction offers a candid take on Kodiak Rating and its capabilities — features that support rating, monitoring and managing your suppliers. The brief includes an overview of Kodiak Rating and its solution offerings, a summary solution evaluation, solution strengths/weaknesses, a company SWOT analysis and a selection checklist for companies that might consider the provider.

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