What’s the Price: Expert product cost management vendor review — a PRO Collab brief [PRO]


Editor’s note: This vendor review of What’s the Price is the first in our “PRO Collab” series. Spend Matters will be inviting our expert friends in the industry to collaborate with us and complement our PRO coverage of the procurement, finance and supply chain solution landscape. Eric Hiller, the most knowledgeable person we’ve ever met in the product cost management sector, will kick off our Pro Collab initiative with his perspective on how the vendor What’s the Price fits into the cost modeling landscape.

Hello there, spend analytics crowd, product cost management fans and anyone else interested in improving the bottom line!

Back in December, Spend Matters was kind enough to invite me to do a two-part series on the most popular tools for product cost management on the market today (see Part 1 and Part 2). These tools spanned a wide range of use cases, including should-costing, target costing, design for manufacturing and assembly, parametric costing, spend analytics, etc.

Those articles were written from a historical perspective, and they classified solutions into sub-groupings by how they work. We received quite a lot of positive feedback on these articles, but many readers also asked us if we could go deeper into some of these applications and what their proper uses are in driving impact to the bottom line. We want to make sure that we help everyone as much as possible, so this is the first in hopefully a larger series of these spotlights on product cost management software tools.

We’re starting today with one of the youngest tools on the market, What’s the Price, or WTP.

What’s the Price entered the market about 2012 as the brainchild of three founders: CFO Jan-Paul Plieger, a former CEO and supply chain economist; CEO Robert Driessen, a seasoned supply chain procurement executive; and CTO Nico Bontenbal, a software entrepreneur.

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In January, Jan-Paul and Robert welcomed me to their offices in Rossum, Netherlands, where they gave me a personal demo of the software and an in-depth explanation of how they have been able to help customers. They even were kind enough to give me a demo license to tool around in the application and put the horse through its paces.

Here’s my detailed take on the solution from a product cost management perspective.

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