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Cirtuo: Vendor Analysis (Solution Overview, Product Analysis, SWOT, Selection Checklist)

03/09/2020 By

For all the talk of “strategic sourcing” and elevating procurement as a “strategic partner” in the business, a lot of technology features in the S2P market today, to be frank, has nothing to do with strategy. Instead, their focus is often on transaction facilitation or generating operational efficiencies, which providers suggest will free up procurement resource time to focus on “strategy.” Strategic sourcing solutions, for example, facilitate e-auctions with suppliers and speed up event creation through reusable templates and supplier enablement. They do not, however, shape or improve your procurement organization’s actual sourcing strategies.

Strategy, it seems, has more in common with art than software engineering — if you believe the focus of the S2P market, that is. In truth, though, there’s no reason that technology can’t be applied to the realm of strategy, whether for decision-making or strategy creation or performance improvement management.

Cirtuo, the focus of this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Introduction, proves this point convincingly — and in the process is creating what one could call an entirely different class of procurement solution.

This Vendor Introduction offers a candid take on Cirtuo and its capabilities. The review includes a look at Cirtuo’s solution set, a perspective on what is comparatively good (and not so good) about the solution, a SWOT analysis and a selection requirements checklist for organizations that might consider the vendor.

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