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Release Notes: E-Procurement – Spring 2020

This Spend Matters SolutionMap Insider release note provides insight into the Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap release for three categories: E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P). The note reviews the process that we follow and highlights what has changed since the last SolutionMap release.

Also, SolutionMap is shifting from quarterly updates to spring and fall updates. This is the last quarterly release and the first spring release, so you’ll see it labeled “Spring/Q1.”

What’s new in the Spring/Q1 2020 E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay SolutionMap?

One new provider joined SolutionMap: Xeeva is now participating in the E-Procurement category.

Wax Digital has changed its name to Wax Digital / Medius.

The E-Procurement, I2P and P2P customer reference set added 60 new individual customer references in Spring/Q1 2020.

Get a first look at the Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap comparative quadrant graphics here.

Insider members: Access the Provider Scoring Summary reports right here.

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