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Coronavirus Response survey: Spend Matters needs YOUR insights on the crisis

03/25/2020 By


In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Spend Matters technology analysts have developed a Coronavirus Response series to help our readers understand the array of ways that procurement practitioners are using tools and techniques to respond to the crisis in the short-to-medium term. This is a non-commercial effort to see where procurement organizations can help themselves, their supply chains and beyond.

As such, we’d love to learn from procurement pros and share what you’re seeing in the trenches and how we can help. Please contact me personally at, or email our team here.

For technology providers and consultants, we’d appreciate hearing back from you related to the following questions:

  1. What are the biggest COVID-19 related issues that you’re seeing right now?
  2. For providers/consultants, how have your customers asked you to help them in dealing with these issues?
  3. What have you developed in response to their needs? Is it in process or have you launched something? Specifically:
  4. Is it new technology? Is there content, methodology and/or services? Is there a community element?
  5. What are the commercial details? Free? Freemium? Paid? For existing customers or new ones?
  6. Perhaps most importantly, what types of early benefits (quantitative or qualitative) are emerging?
  7. Do you have a customer who’d be willing to share some results or lessons learned? If not, can you give a blinded example we can share?
  8. How do you think you might see this response evolving in the next 18 months for your clients and for your solutions/capabilities?
  9. Outside of your area, what’s the biggest pain point, topic, unmet need, undiscussed topic or anything else that we should explore?
  10. How can we be helpful to make a difference right now beyond covering the above?
  11. What’s the biggest coronavirus-related issue that you’re dealing with at YOUR firm? We hope that you’re well and coping with this.

You can use this Google survey form to easily answer the questions and send to us.

Depending on what you can share in answering these questions, we’ll follow up with you on a phone call and/or directly post your feedback in our series or as part of our overall coronavirus coverage.

You’re also welcome to submit a guest post, but it’s our discretion whether to publish or not because it must be specific, experiential, helpful and non-commercial.

Please contact me at or our team here, — and we’ll quickly assess and respond based on the content and our capacity (which is a bit stretched right now given all the activity). Thanks for helping us help you and the broader community!

Coronavirus Response