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How KellyOCG is transforming its approach to workforce and services sourcing through ‘Guided Work’

04/10/2020 By

KellyOCG, the outsourcing and consulting arm of Kelly Services, has been pursuing its own strategy to deliver new value to customers in the face of expanding possibilities of how talent can be sourced and engaged. From our perspective, the future will be less about distinct silos (in organizations, technology and outsourced services) and more about the integration of new sourcing channels, the leveraging of big data and analytics, and the optimal blending of people and technology in the process. KellyOCG’s approach appears well aligned to these strategic markers.

While some of its peers have embarked upon perhaps similar journeys, KellyOCG has been investing in its own path, which seems to build upon its approach of effectively co-designing and building unique, fit-for-purpose “talent supply chains” for its clients. The latest phase of KellyOCG’s evolution includes embracing new digital capabilities and expanding beyond traditional categories and processes to create a more holistic, client-centric experience. That means fitting solutions to client needs vs conforming clients to traditional categories/solutions.

This Spend Matters PRO brief provides some background on KellyOCG and its latest phase of evolution, and it examines the “Guided Work” solution that the company has begun implementing with some clients. The brief concludes by providing analytical context and commentary.

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