Afternoon Coffee: Talent procurement is topic of debut ‘Lunch and Learn’ series with Everest Group; EU proposes economic relief; Human spaceflight to resume from U.S. soil in SpaceX’s first manned mission

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Contingent workforce management experts from Everest Group and Spend Matters have teamed up to share their insights on a talent performance framework and talk about the people and the ways of doing work. New business models and price-cost pressures are adding to existing talent procurement and talent management concerns. As procuring talent becomes more of a challenge for organizations, there is a lot of complexity in solving that problem as it relates to different segments of the workforce.

Everest Group's Chief Research Officer Michel Janssen and Vice President Arko Basak are joined by Spend Matters' Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell and Research Director for Contingent Workforce & Services Issues Andrew Karpie to discuss the macro view of the contingent workforce in the first of the three-part series today.

View the debut video of our "Lunch and Learn" series now. Part 2 next week will focus on Everest's Pinnacle Model practices, and Part 3 the following week will cover vendor and technology options.

EU proposes $825 billion economic relief package

The European Union has proposed an $825 billion economic recovery package for member nations hurt by the coronavirus crisis, The Associated Press reports. The news comes as the EU enters a recession triggered by the pandemic.

Most of the package would consist of grants (about two-thirds), and the rest would be conditions-based loans that countries could apply for to help bolster their economies. Countries would apply for the grants by addressing the plans they have for the money, as well as planned reforms that could make their economies more resilient in the future.

Italy and Spain, which were hit the hardest by the pandemic, would be eligible for about $88 billion in grants, while France and Poland would be eligible for $42 billion, and Germany could get about $31 billion.

Human spaceflight resuming in U.S.

In SpaceX's first mission to launch humans into orbit, two NASA astronauts are set to blast off from U.S. soil for the first time in nine years on Wednesday, Reuters reports. The astronauts will launch in a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, built by entrepreneur Elon Musk’s company SpaceX, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The astronauts will have a 19-hour ride to the International Space Station, where they will stay for several weeks.

Previously, the company has only launched cargo, and NASA astronauts have ridden aboard Russian rockets since the last space shuttle flight in 2011. You’ll be able to watch the livestream of the countdown and mission discussion for most of the afternoon, and the launch at 4:33 p.m. EDT, here.

The Smart Cube's Amplifi PRO platform free to use

The Smart Cube, the UK-based market intelligence provider, has opened up its on-demand digital procurement intelligent platform, Amplifi PRO, on a freemium basis. Amplifi PRO is an accumulation of procurement data and tools, as well as thought leadership and use cases, which gives procurement professionals access to insights that will assist in better decision-making.

The Amplifi PRO platform is available to all companies with procurement needs. Spend Matters UK offers more coverage of the announcement from The Smart Cube here, and access to Amplifi PRO can be found here.

Global energy investments hurt by COVID-19

The International Energy Agency has announced that global investments in energy and climate change goals could fall by $400 billion this year due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus, CNN reports. Every major energy sector is expected to take a hit, including oil, gas and renewable energy.

Prior to the crisis, investment in energy was at a six-year high but is now expected to plunge by 20%, with shale expected to plunge by 50%. The IEA said there is a risk that countries attempting to fix their economies may scrub investments in renewable energy sources and invest more in coal and other fossil fuels that will raise emission levels.

Spend Matters PRO offer extended for May

Now through the end of the month, a Spend Matters' special PRO Expert Survival Pack is available to procurement practitioners only* at up to 50% off. The discount applies to PRO subscription content from our analysts and other services. — Learn more

Read all of Spend Matters’ coronavirus coverage here.

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