Afternoon Coffee: Unemployment rates in question; Basware, Bergfors have tech selection tips; Airbnb sees surge despite coronavirus

Last week, the U.S. unemployment data showed a huge number of jobs added, countering the expectations that the unemployment rate would get worse. But discrepancies in the way the numbers were presented skewed the results. A report today by puts it this way:

“It now looks like the jobs report has been inaccurate for the last two months. BLS has admitted that government household survey takers mistakenly counted about 4.9 million people as employed, although they were unemployed,” Forbes said.

“Had the mistake been corrected, the unemployment rate would have risen to 16.1% in May (instead of the reported drop to 13.3%). The corrected April figure would have been more than 19.5% — rather than 14.7%.”

Basware-Bergfors webinar targets forming tech strategy

Procure-to-pay specialist Basware and Spend Matters Analyst Magnus Bergfors will hold a webinar on Wednesday to discuss how businesses should form a tech selection strategy. The coronavirus disruption has put a spotlight on why businesses need digital transformation to have better visibility of spend and suppliers, as well as be more resilient.

“This presentation will discuss the problems with a suite approach, how to decide what you need, and the need to move to a platform approach that allows for an ecosystem of solutions to improve agility and meet your organization's requirements in the 2020s,” Bergfors said.

The webinar begins early Wednesday, but if you’re signed up, you can get a recording and listen at any time. Spend Matters Europe has more details, and to register, go here.

Contrary to coronavirus-era expectations, Airbnb reports surge in demand

Bloomberg News reports that more people are booking vacations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Quoting Airbnb’s CEO, the number of nights booked at U.S. listings between May 17 and June 3 was greater than the same period of the previous year. Similar increases in domestic holidays were being seen in other countries including Germany, Portugal, South Korea and New Zealand.

Buffeted by the crosswinds of COVID-19, this has come as welcome news for the travel industry.

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