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aPriori: Product Cost Management tool spotlight (Part 1) — Solution Overview [PRO]

Hello there spend analytics/product cost management crowd. A few months ago, we started our Spend Matters PRO series on deep dives into product cost management tools, looking at WTP, What’s the Price.

It feels like a long time since then in so many ways because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are moving forward with our series. What’s the Price was on one end of the spectrum as a top-down, index-based costing tool focused on the “everyman” buyer’s needs.

Today we’re going to explore another corner of the multi-dimensional PCM space by looking at aPriori.

For full disclosure, I wanted to share my history with aPriori. I started the research that yielded aPriori’s technology in 1996, was the founding CEO of aPriori in 2002, and was the chief product officer and VP of cost modeling through 2009. So I know its past, and in my role now with the PCM consulting firm Hiller Associates, I just learned more about its present status.

I spoke recently with product management, sales and services at aPriori to get some in-depth demos of current product functionality and the services that the company provides to its customers.

Part 1 of this aPriori analysis looks at its history, its current capabilities and how it works. Part 2 will look at an array of use cases for aPriori’s solution. It also will include user profiles and a summary analysis.

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