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Workforce Logiq: What Makes It Great (Temp Staffing SolutionMap Analysis)


Workforce Logiq is a global industry leader, offering a range of contingent workforce/service solutions — like MSP, direct sourcing that the company calls “self-sourcing,” classification compliance, payrolling and analytics from the recently acquired ENGAGE Talent. The Workforce Logiq technology platform was significantly upgraded/modernized over the past two years, bringing it up to technological parity, at the very least, with competitors. Currently, the company’s VMS capabilities are available only as a part of an overall managed services agreement.

The company manages over $3 billion in spend across 50 countries with about 50,000 active buy-side users. Today — demonstrating its wide applicability — Workforce Logiq serves large and midsize enterprise clients across many industries, with over 75% of clients in IT Services, Technology, Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Retail and Media.

Workforce Logiq leverages a range of proprietary technology solutions (e.g., VMS, self-sourcing/talent pool management, data management and AI-driven predictive analytics, etc.) to deliver its service solutions to clients. CEO Jim Burke has shared his view of the company as “a technology-enabled services business” that combines “technology, data and a global team of industry expert advisers.”

Over the past two years, the company has invested heavily in its technology. That includes significantly upgrading its VMS technology solution as well as acquiring ENGAGE Talent, a data management and AI-driven analytics platform. The modernized VMS and cross-over to the ENGAGE Talent platform has resulted in Workforce Logiq significantly stepping up its technology game relative to many of its competitors.

Workforce Logiq’s VMS capabilities include those for the sourcing and management of temporary staffing and SOW-based services. However, in our Spring/Q1 2020 SolutionMap ranking of technology vendors, the VMS was scored only in the Temp Staffing category. In that SolutionMap category, the scoring also accounts for the availability and on-going integration of ENGAGE Talent analytics capabilities.

The Spend Matters SolutionMap’s Spring/Q1 2020 release contains functional and customer satisfaction benchmarks on 69 providers within the procurement technology landscape. But where does Workforce Logiq stand out most and help “set the bar” in solutions for the sourcing and management of temporary staffing, and why should this matter for procurement and finance organizations?

Let’s delve into the SolutionMap benchmark to find out where Workforce Logiq is great.

“What Makes It Great” is a recurring column for SolutionMap Insider subscribers. The columns share insights from each SolutionMap update, which are now released in the spring and fall. Based on both our rigorous evaluation process and customer reference reviews, these columns offer quick facts on the vendor, describe where it excels, provide hard data on where it beats the SolutionMap benchmark and conclude with a checklist for ideal customer scenarios in which procurement, finance and supply chain organizations should consider it.

Quick Facts: Workforce Logiq

  • Founded: 1999 (as ZeroChaos)
  • HQ (and support locations): Global HQ in Orlando, Florida; European HQ in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Number of employees: ~ 1,000
  • Active users (buy-side): ~ 55,000
  • Active users (supply-side): ~15,000
  • Regions served: Over 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific
  • Available modules: Workforce Logiq VMS 33.0 and Mobile app. Native applications include Staff Augmentation, Statement of Work, Payrolling, Independent Contractor Management, Employment Screening, Self-Sourcing, Freelance Management, Analytics, and Intelligence Platform.
  • Other app integration: Workday, iCIMS, Oracle, ADP, Kronos, UltiPro, Coupa, Clarity, JDE, Lawson, NetSuite, Workday, Oracle and PeopleSoft.

Where Workforce Logiq Is Great (Temp Staffing SolutionMap)

Workforce Logiq’s technology enabling the sourcing and management of temporary staffing suppliers and workers is strong across the board and capable of supporting enterprise contingent workforce management programs. A few areas of the company’s temporary staffing solution offer clear differentiation.

Algorithmic/AI-driven Activities

  • Owing to its recent acquisition of ENGAGE Talent and its technology platform upgrade, Workforce Logiq had among the highest scores in this area. The solution was scored 4 or higher (on a 0-5 scale) in all three dimensions: Searching and matching (5); Guided insights/decisions (5) and “Auto decisions, workflows, triggers” (4).
    • Workforce Logiq uses AI in its Candidate Matching and ENGAGE Talent platform, which further supports the candidate matching algorithm. The solution leverages semantic search technology to match the meaning of the candidate’s content with the intent of the job requisition (can include both fact-based requirements, such as years of experience and education, as well as softer characteristics, such as cultural fit).
    • Intelligent Job Requisition Workflow guides hiring managers to the correct requisition template that is customizable to and consistent with an organization’s unique hiring policies — including compensation guidelines — using predefined questions.
    • The Workforce Logiq solution has workflows based upon algorithms and AI including Requisition Wizard Decision Tree. The automated process enables customers to create, manage and approve all requisitions within the Workforce Logiq solution. When the appropriate requisition is complete, the workflow automatically triggers a requisition-specific approval process.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • Access to current and ex post program information is one of the most critical capabilities that contingent workforce technology can provide. Workforce Logiq provides a robust set of capabilities, with all capabilities scored 3 or higher.
    • Workforce Logiq enables client users to create custom searches/queries directly and on the fly from their personalized dashboards to quickly and easily find information including requisitions, projects, engagements, timesheets, expenses, invoices. No need to access a separate query tool to get information that is needed.
    • Client users can create numerous ad-hoc reports using drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy for users to either add or remove attributes and metrics from a report to create a custom view. Dashboards and reports are structured with multiple filters and options which allow users to filter data directly to support multiple views without requiring actual changes to the report structure.
    • The VMS captures data on every transaction. Spend analysis is well supported and received a score of 5, based on views that are generated as part and parcel of an MSP.


  • Workforce Logiq, because it is a contingent workforce/services-solution provider is highly differentiated in this area.
    • It scores at or above the benchmark for all the customary services that would be provided by a typical VMS provider (e.g., account management, implementation, integration, customization, help desk).
    • And it scores at more than double the benchmark in a range of value-added services, including:
      • Comprehensive MSP
      • Worker Classification Screening-Determination
      • Contract Management
      • EOR-Payment
      • AOR-Payrolling
      • Invoice Reconciliation
      • Data Analysis
      • Talent Acquisition
      • Talent Curation
      • Worker-facing
    • Scores of 4 or above are achieved in all of the above service categories, except for Worker-facing services.

Beating the Benchmark

Based on the Spring/Q1 2020 Temp Staffing SolutionMap benchmark, Workforce Logiq scores at or above benchmark in the following areas.

  • Supplier Management
    • MSA Contracting
    • Supplier Information (supplier vetting)
    • Supplier Information (grouping and tiering of suppliers)
    • Routing of requisitions
    • Supplier Performance Management
    • Supplier Onboarding
    • Supplier Portal/communications
    • Routing Rules – Acknowledgments
    • Routing Rules – Pre-selected candidates
    • Routing Rules – Exceptions
  • Requisition Creation and Approvals
    • Approval Routing
    • Creation – Requisition generation by labor type, geography, etc.
    • Creation – Policy compliance
    • Creation – Intelligent requisition creation
    • Requisition Status
  • Candidate Evaluation/Selection
    • Program Management (program manager/MSP’s pre-screen of candidates)
    • Evaluation – Hiring Manager
    • Resume Profile
    • Interview Support
    • Candidate Selection
    • Evaluation – Automatic, AI-based ranking)
  • Online Support and Help
    • Online Support and Help – User feedback regarding incomplete or inaccurate data, etc.
    • Online Support and Help – Error reason messages
  • Change Order Management
    • Budget changes
    • Non-budget Changes – Temp engagement parameters
    • Non-budget Changes – Before or after engagement
  • Engagement Management
    • Worker Compliance – Tracking and Management
    • Assignment – Assignment or reassignment of contractors to different cost centers, hiring managers and suppliers
    • Monitoring – Tracking and flagging engagement dates, etc.
  • On-/Offboarding
    • Electronic Profiles
    • Checklists
    • Post Engagement Timecards
  • Rate Management
    • Rate changes and history
  • Time and Expense
    • Time card submission
    • Role Delegation
    • Monitoring – Timesheet entry status by MSPs, Suppliers
    • Monitoring – Missing timesheet notification by MSPs, Suppliers
  • Worker/Work Evaluation
    • Role Delegation
  • Reporting/Business Intelligence
    • Data file extraction
    • User-Defined Searches/Queries
    • Specialized Dashboards
    • KPI Tracking
    • Third-Party Reporting Needs
    • Spend Analysis
  • Algorithmic/AI-driven Activities
    • Searching and matching
    • Guided insights/decisions
    • Auto decisions, workflows, triggers
  • Technology
    • SaaS/Cloud Deployment
    • Data Technology and Management – types of data
    • Data Technology and Management – “big data”
    • Data Technology and Management – data dictionary
    • Data Technology and Management – error correction
    • Software Architecture/Platforms – type/stack
    • Software Architecture/Platforms – programming languages
    • Technology and Management – error correction
    • User Experience – usability/experience
    • User Experience – development team
    • Access Control – logins/single-sign-on
    • Access Control – add users
    • Access Control – right/roles
    • Mobile – solution scope
    • Mobile – solution roadmap
    • Standards
    • AI/Machine Learning – application
    • AI/Machine Learning – team
    • AI/Machine Learning – roadmap
    • Blockchain support
  • Services
    • System Integration – internal systems
    • System Integration – external solutions
    • Account Management
    • Ongoing Technical Support – portal
    • Ongoing Technical Support – help desk, chat
    • Comprehensive MSP (scored a 5)
    • Worker Classification Screening-Determination
    • Contract Management
    • EOR-Payment (scored a 4, beat all competitors)
    • AOR-Payrolling
    • Invoice Reconciliation
    • Data Analysis
    • Talent Acquisition (scored a 5, beat all competitors)
    • Talent Curation (scored a 4, beat all competitors)
    • Worker-facing
  • Globalization-Localization
    • Features scope/roadmap
    • Program Support – Localization
    • Actively Supported Countries, Currencies, Locations
    • Interviews
    • Foreign Currencies – multiple
    • Foreign Currencies – conversion
    • Reporting
    • Payments in multiple currencies

Best-Fit Customer Scenarios

Workforce Logiq is a recommended fit for the following Temp Staffing SolutionMap buying personas: Turn-key, Nimble and Global.

Best-fit shortlist scenarios — Large to midsize enterprises that are seeking a managed services solution with:

  • Up-to-date contingent workforce/SOW management technology
  • Advanced, best-of-breed analytics (hiring and market) capabilities
  • Significant global capabilities (technology and support)
  • A range of innovative workforce/SOW sourcing offerings
SolutionMap: What Makes It Great