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EverHive, VNDLY partner on ‘Quick Deploy’ contingent workforce solutions

06/10/2020 By

EverHive, a new type of contingent workforce services solution provider, today announced a partnership with VNDLY, an innovative work management system and VMS solution provider.

Some organizations affected by the COVID-19 crisis, have become aware of their inadequate visibility into, control over and communication with their contingent workforces and suppliers. And many of those will want to get something up and running quickly and relatively inexpensively and expand upon it later. The EverHive-VNDLY partnership is aimed at providing organizations with a rapid path to an appropriately scaled contingent workforce management technology/services solution.

EverHive works with companies to design and build their own custom contingent workforce management programs, often as alternatives to monolithic, traditional MSPs.

VNDLY provides an advanced technology platform that enables companies to source and manage their entire non-employee workforce.

In order to support those organizations that suddenly need to get a handle on their contingent workforce, the announcement states, that “EverHive and VNDLY are offering to set up technology and data collection in as little as four weeks. Once the platform has been established and data accumulates as customers source through it, the teams can provide an audit to address metrics, reporting and recommend best practices.”

The process is based on VNDLY’s Quick Deploy model that allows organization to jump-start many VMS capabilities in a very short time. While the model postpones the heavy-duty integrations that can often take organizations months to complete, Quick Deploy allows organizations to, at the very least, source contingent workers from suppliers and track, communicate with and manage both.

“This is a critical time for both large and small businesses throughout the world,” EverHive President Brandon Moreno said in a press release. “Even when the pandemic ends, there will be greater complexities in terms of onboarding and managing contingent workers — more compliance issues related to managing the health and safety of employees, stricter monitoring in ensuring performance during remote work hours, and greater accountability in creating accurate head counts and capping spend. Companies that prepare now will be better able to weather not just this storm, but the next one that comes along.”

EverHive supports organizations in the design of appropriate programs and the execution of them.

Spend Matters’ Research Director of Contingent Workforce/Services Solutions, Andrew Karpie, noted: “We are at a point in time when we just can’t be sure of what might change and how. Are there segments of organizations with a sense of urgency — sure, perhaps not the Fortune 500 companies — that realize their exposure or their incapacity to use contingent workforce in the uncertain future? And their priority is on getting started now, and they’re open to non-traditional ways of getting things done. Who can say? We’ll have to watch what happens in the coming months.”

Spend Matters has covered VNDLY extensively over the past 2+ years (for more information, see our coverage here). And we spoke with EverHive’s Moreno a while back about industry innovation.