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VectorVMS, WillHire partner up

06/11/2020 By

VectorVMS, a leading vendor management solution, and WillHire, a direct sourcing solution, announced a partnership to help organizations improve their contingent workforce sourcing.

The press release asserts that “it is predicted that the use of contingent labor will skyrocket as the economy rebuilds post-COVID-19, making a differentiated sourcing strategy imperative.”

The two companies believe that in today’s environment that organizations should implement a blended strategy of a VMS and a direct sourcing system.

Marc Husain, Managing Director at VectorVMS, stated in the release that “the partnership between WillHire and VectorVMS will allow us to expand the way our clients obtain talent and increase the quality of their programs overall.”

Taylor Ramchandani, VectorVMS Product Manager, said in the release: “By going outside of the traditional staffing model and allowing candidates to apply to positions directly, (organizations) will see more diversified talent and will be able to reach a broader set of applicants.” And with most workers already looking for jobs on job boards and company websites, she continued, “it makes sense to add contract positions here as well.”

According to WillHire CEO Praneeth Patlola: “Organizations of all sizes are rethinking their contingent worker talent-sourcing strategy, where direct sourcing plays a key role bringing modern-day talent acquisition techniques into the program, without disrupting existing models.”

Spend Matters’ Research Director of Contingent Workforce/Services Solutions Andrew Karpiesaid: “This is yet another piece of evidence that direct sourcing — as another sourcing channel, alongside the temporary staffing supplier and service provider/SOW channels — is a gathering and accelerating trend.”

Spend Matters has been monitoring and analyzing the direct sourcing technology model that has been emerging and gaining traction over the past several years. To read more about this, check out two specific posts published earlier this year: 2020 & Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services: What to Know and CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE: Contingent Workforce/Services — Can direct sourcing of work and services help in this crisis?

Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services is one of the three Contingent Workforce/Services SolutionMaps vendor rankings done by Spend Matters (in addition to the SolutionMap for Temp Staffing solutions and Contract Services/SOW solutions), reflecting its increasing importance as a distinct channel for contingent workforce sourcing.