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Workforce Logiq announces new solution to optimize talent location as return to work proceeds

06/17/2020 By


Workforce Logiq — a global provider of AI-powered workforce intelligence, technology, and services to enterprises — announced today that it has developed a new solution called IQ Location Optimizer.

According to the announcement, the solution enables organizations “to make data-driven decisions on where to source talent and whether or not a remote work arrangement makes sense for the role.” The company also reported it had filed three new patents in conjunction with the new solution.

Workforce Logiq’s IQ Location Optimizer is expected to launch in July for U.S.-based organizations, a press release said. The solution, Workforce Logiq noted, “is designed to be fully automated and integrated into Workforce Logiq’s MSP, RPO and self-sourcing solutions, offering clients a complete portfolio for workforce hiring, planning and execution across contingent and full-time roles.”

Spend Matters received a demo of the solution, which presents with an elegant geo-mapping interface. The demo showed how a recruiter or other manager in an organization can begin with a job req and game out the options for where a specific role could be sourced, whether on-site or near site in/around one or more of the organization’s office locations or in some remote geographic area or areas. It also “recommends” the best options based on job requirements, salary/rate, cost of physical location, commutability and other factors.

Workforce Logiq has coined the term “the now normal,” referring to the new environment in which organizations must optimize hiring decisions under different conditions created by the coronavirus crisis. Not only must organizations focus on safety across the organization, they must also try to minimize cost in the current recession. The company says its new solution will drive a more efficient hiring process and expand the available talent pool at the lowest possible cost.

According to the announcement, the  IQ Location Optimizer is based on three new AI-powered algorithms that help organizations “understand how location decisions impact talent quality and costs.” These include the following tools:

  • Geo-Selection Engine that “prioritizes the best locations from which to recruit talent, given the job description and other employer-specific requirements” and provides “recommendations based on geo-specific talent supply and demand gaps, salary profiles, willingness to engage with the company, existing office locations, quality-of-life metrics, local commuting patterns and more.”
  • Remote Role Recommender that “determines whether a certain role should be staffed on-site, near remote (with commuting access to an existing office location) or in a fully remote arrangement. The model will consider the employer’s corporate culture, role requirements, and industry and similar role benchmarks.”
  • Role Collaboration Index that “identifies the frequency and importance of collaboration with co-workers to ensure successful delivery of projects and tasks for similar type roles.”

Workforce Logiq CEO Jim Burke stated: “Employers are increasingly open to making remote workers a core part of their talent strategy. Remote flexibility expands talent pools, provides access to critical skill sets, boosts employee satisfaction and retention, and when implemented with an MSP and RPO, can lower costs by finding high quality talent in less competitive markets. We’ve strategically expanded our predictive analytics portfolio to help clients get their employees back to work faster, in an arrangement that is safe, productive and designed to take advantage of the now normal of remote work.”

As reported by Spend Matters, Workforce Logiq acquired the predictive analytics and AI software company ENGAGE Talent in October, providing the company with world-class data science capabilities.

In today’s press release, Dr. Christy Whitehead, Workforce Logiq’s Chief Data Scientist and Talent Economist, stated: “Our investments in data science are focused on driving tangible, practical outcomes for clients. Our new AI-driven algorithms deliver optimized recommendations, based on over a billion applicable data points that help employers make faster, smarter and more cost-effective workforce decisions in today’s hyper-uncertainty.”

When asked about the announcement, Andrew Karpie, Spend Matters’ Research Director of Workforce and Services Procurement Solutions, stated: “Workforce Logiq’s acquisition of ENGAGE Talent appears to be paying off in terms of the company’s ongoing ability to innovate, not just ‘talk the talk.’ The transformation of the company over the past two years, from being a not really differentiated, stock MSP to a new kind of technology-enabled total talent solution provider has been impressive.”

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