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Getting from ‘Adapting’ to ‘Learning’

06/25/2020 By

“Adapting.” It’s a single word that describes how many of us are carrying on personally and professionally amid the COVID-19 disruption. SIG is no different.

We held our inaugural Procurement Technology Summit in May as a completely virtual event. It was new territory for SIG, but we were committed to making the attendee experience every ounce as valuable as a face-to-face event.

I’m pleased to report it was a smashing success, attracting 1,100 delegates across the globe. Attendees gave it an 86% satisfaction rating, proving that connecting virtually can be just as beneficial as an in-person Summit!

Be There to Be In-the-Know

Building on this success, we’re bringing you three more virtual events. Mark your calendars now and register to join us for these can’t-miss opportunities.

First up is the July CPO & Executive Virtual Series. It will bring together senior procurement executives and their peers for two hours of crucial dialogue. We recently hosted the first online event in this CPO & Executive Virtual Series that went so well that many attendees have already signed up for the July event. We are now planning to host these monthly throughout the summer.

The September SIGnature Event is a forum for buy-side practitioners to benchmark with other organizations and interface with colleagues facing similar challenges. Nowhere else can you find this level of discussion that will help you tap into emerging trends and learn from others about what’s working in the marketplace.

The October SIGnature Event will again give you a full day of virtual networking and instruction time with the industry’s best-known names. You’ll gain must-have insight to help formulate your 2021 strategy.

While we look forward to a time when we can see everyone face-to-face again, we’re not putting our commitment to bringing you world-class education on hold. Budgets may be thin, but we’re ensuring each of our offerings is packed with value and actionable ideas so they will be well worth your time.

As we think about the future of our programming, we’d like to get a pulse on your organization’s current travel policies. I invite you to take our two-minute travel survey so SIG can continue to offer you world-class education in the format that best suits you and your organization’s needs.

An Investment that Pays Dividends

There’s a saying, “Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.”

Those words ring especially true today.

“Learning.” It’s what every single one of us needs to focus on now as individuals and at the organizational level.

As the business world adapts and learns how to navigate COVID-19, it will become more vital than ever for companies to encourage their people to upskill. Whether you scrapped your 2020 strategic plan and are starting afresh or are pivoting your nimble team toward a new direction, workforce education will be key.

Make the commitment now to your employees to ensure they have the skill sets that your organization will require to emerge as a 2020 story of triumph and not a cautionary tale. Not only will keeping your team’s skills at the top of their game be a boon to your business, it will bolster your reputation as an employer of choice.

In fact, that’s precisely what a recent article from the MIT Sloan Management Review titled “Opportunity Marketplaces” uncovered.

A whopping 74% of those surveyed said developing worker skills and capabilities is important to their organization’s strategy. However, 34% are not content with their organization’s investment in them.

Leaders take note: A third of your workforce may be looking for you to provide them with additional learning opportunities. This is your chance to deliver.

Right now, some companies may have the mentality that their staff should be grateful just to have a job. Organizations with a long-term winning mindset recognize they can never afford to become complacent or take top employees for granted. There is always a marketplace for coveted talent, and SIG University’s certification programs, led by renowned industry practitioners, will help you develop and nurture your team to reach their full potential.

This is the hour to make quality training and education widely available to your team to not only demonstrate you’re investing in them for the future, but because you know tomorrow’s gains ride on their know-how and commitment to your firm.

Introspection Leads to Innovative Thinking

The same survey found 32% of workers are not rewarded by their employer for developing new skills.

Objectively, look at your own organization.

How do you recognize employees who proactively seek out education opportunities? It’s true that you can get stuck in a rut anywhere. What are you doing to guarantee your employees stay engaged, know they are valued, and are encouraged to seek new opportunities to shore up their skills?

It’s your moment to identify star employees for a mentoring program or participation in a new, exciting project. There are numerous creative ways to ensure your staff won’t feel trapped in a workplace cul-de-sac, eagerly seeking the exit the minute the hiring market turns around.

Onward and Upward

Six months ago no one could have predicted what the world would look like today. No one knows what it will look like six months from now.

Our best path forward is to stay positive and focused while preparing our workforce for anything that lies ahead.

As we continue to adapt and learn together, we will be better positioned to ride out this storm and be stronger for it. No matter what the future holds, staying agile and connected to one another will help us triumph together.