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Spendata: Rewriting Spend Analysis from the Ground Up

07/16/2020 By

Two years ago, we introduced you to Spendata (in our PRO Vendor Analysis Part 1 and Part 2 series) as one of the newest entrants to the spend analysis space, founded by some of the oldest veterans in the market. They've been designing and building analytics solutions for over two decades, and have already defined and redefined the market twice.

And while Spendata was again redefining the market since launch with an in-browser solution that matched the power of many best-of-breed solutions at 1/10th to 1/100th of the price tag — a solution that could be used by any procurement professional with little to no training in minutes (with easy file-based data uploads) — its recent innovation trifecta is set to truly change the game. No other vendor has any of these capabilities! (The author has evaluated dozens of leading solutions over the past two decades and has never seen anything close.)

If you’re only going to read one article on spend analysis this week, this month or this year – make it this one, as we essentially describe the new foundations for modern spend analysis.

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