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An Executive’s Guide to Direct Sourcing of Contract Work/Services (Part 3) — What To Pay Attention To

07/28/2020 By

Direct sourcing of contract work/services is an emerging, alternative way of tapping into pools of contract workers and service providers that are not available through established sourcing channels provided by procurement. Senior executives may be hearing more about this phenomenon, or their organizations may already be embarking on an initiative. As such, a clear understanding of today’s direct sourcing of contract work/services may be needed. This three-part series is intended to help executives to get a leg up.

Part 1 of the series discussed how direct sourcing today is different from the past and what it is now. Part 2 reviewed the landscape of direct sourcing solution providers and looked at some of the purpose-built technology solutions available today. This final Part 3 offers executives suggestions on what to pay attention to if they or a part of their organization begins moving in this direction.

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