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COVID-19 Resources: A Guide for Sourcing, Procurement and Workforce Management

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Mary Zampino is SIG's vice president of content, research and analytics.

SIG is always asking our event attendees, current and future members, and readers about their concerns. I have been tracking and analyzing their responses for almost 10 years now. While cost savings and value-add remain consistent and strong priorities, there's no doubt many are very concerned about meeting pandemic-related needs.

We are blessed to have a community of thought leaders and generous professionals who are willing to share their experiences and describe their wins.

We offer the following resources in your quest for coronavirus-related items specific to sourcing, procurement and workforce management. You can continue to search for related articles in the SIG Resource Center and on Future of Sourcing. Normally a benefit of SIG membership, these resources are being offered to all of our readers.

In the resources listed here, you can learn how to set up a crow's nest and a war chest, specific procurement best practices for today's market, how technology enhances continuity in your workforce, and what happens if and when this is "all over." Plus, so much more. Below is a sampling of some resources, but you can get the rest on our website.

Checklist: 6 Steps for Navigating Through the COVID-19 Storm

COVID-19 has moved from a short-term hiccup to a perfect storm at an unprecedented pace. It is normal to be  disoriented and feel like you're running in eight directions at once. 

Coronavirus Town Hall — COVID-19 + Your Business: What You Need to Do NOW

SIG CEO and President Dawn Tiura invites industry experts from Oliver Wyman for an interactive discussion on the current global pandemic and the next steps that all businesses should take. They will share their perspectives and suggestions on a three-phase COVID-19 response.

Building Resilience in Times of Business Uncertainty: A Framework for Finance and Procurement Leaders

This guide provides a framework for Finance and Procurement leaders to build a resilient company in uncertain times. The capabilities in the framework empower leaders to make the best decisions at the right time to support the short-term health of their business as well as set their business up to thrive when the economy recovers.

Three Tips for Dealing with Pandemic-Driven Risk

A new survey by Gartner shows only 12% of organizations felt prepared for the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in March. And while 26% of those surveyed believe the coronavirus will have little or no impact on their business, just 2% of companies believe they can continue business as usual.

Why ‘Paper Compliance’ is Not Good Enough in a Post-COVID-19 World

An unlikely health and safety pandemic has thrown the world into a tailspin. Regulatory changes related to COVID-19 are already touching all facets of the industry. They are likely to continue to evolve at a brisk pace, making it difficult for some employers to keep up.

Managing Risks in a GBS Environment Post-COVID-19

Risk optimization and mitigation are essential within any Global Business Services (GBS) environment to proactively protect the enterprise from potential threats and enable confident business decisions. COVID-19 has uncovered previously unknown vulnerabilities, which left business leaders and board members scrambling for solutions to plot a course to stabilization.

Pandemic Planning Guide

This guide helps the planner determine their operating regions based on considerations of an affected region, identifies the many sources of public sector information that are available for the planner to help develop the plan and to provide alerts and notices, and the process that a company can follow to make sure all relevant aspects of the business are included in the development of the plan.

Fireside Chat with Santosh Nair, Vice President, Technology - GEP

In this Fireside Chat, Santosh Nair discusses with Dawn Tiura, CEO, SIG, how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted procurement and supply chain, how technology can help in times of crisis, and what procurement and supply chain leaders should be considering as we work through this pandemic and beyond.

How to Securely Work and Learn Remotely

This document provides tips on how to remain secure while joining online meetings. It includes general tips and specific tips for WebEx, Zoom, Teams, Skype and GoToMeeting.

Recovery Readiness: A How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace

The guide outlines some of the best thinking and practices that more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe and also includes insights from key partners. The recommended practices and protocols already have been implemented at locations across the globe with tremendous success.

In our CPO & Executive Virtual Series, we had the very fortunate experience of hosting buy-side sourcing executives from LabCorp, Marsh & McLennan and PwC. It was incredible to listen to stories about sourcing items such as testing swabs, or how to build a virtual war room for daily briefings, or onboarding interns during work-from-home times.

The conversations and thought leadership will continue in our weekly webinars, our SRC, our virtual events for all levels of professionals, on the SIG Speaks Blog, in our podcasts, and at Future of Sourcing.

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