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Market Dojo: Vendor Analysis 2020 Update (Part 1) — Background and Solution Overview

08/04/2020 By

The e-sourcing market is going through a shift. Most of the traditional e-sourcing vendors targeting large enterprises have either built out their offerings to full source-to-pay (S2P) suites or been acquired by P2P vendors that also offer full S2P. But there still are a number of sourcing specialists remaining out there, and more are entering the market often focusing on ease-of-use or trying to use AI as a differentiator. These vendors are typically targeting the mid market or lower enterprise market and often have a more regional presence and focus, typically as a result of more modest resources and funds to spend on sales and marketing.

One of the more established sourcing specialists is UK-based Market Dojo.

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis is an update of our 2016 look at Market Dojo, when we concluded that its solution was a shortlist candidate to fill the sourcing needs of middle market procurement organizations that require a simple, but solid, platform to transform their sourcing efforts and bring it into modern times.

Since then, Market Dojo has been busy improving its platform and addressing weaknesses we saw. The focus has been on adding advanced lot capabilities (like allowing more advanced bidding and pricing structures), improving supplier information management (SIM) and adding Contract Dojo, a simple but functional contract repository.

Beyond this, one of the biggest investment areas for Market Dojo has been in what it calls “customer love,” most noticeable in the addition of a customer success team (although it's currently only one person) and strengthening of support capabilities.

In addition to providing RFX, auction, SIM and contract management capability, Market Dojo also offers an innovative category management application that can help an organization analyze its categories, prioritize opportunities and identify the sourcing strategy that is most likely to be effective. This is a unique application that is not even present in the suites of many larger providers, at least not as pre-configured as in Market Dojo’s case.

This three-part Spend Matters PRO series will provide company background, a detailed solution overview and SWOT analysis of Market Dojo, as well as a summary recommended fit suggestion for what types of organizations should consider the provider. The series also provides insight into detailed product strengths and weaknesses, offers a user selection guide, suggests competitive alternatives, and offers summary evaluation and selection considerations.

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