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Market Dojo: Vendor Analysis 2020 Update (Part 2) — Product Strengths & Weaknesses

08/05/2020 By and

Since our 2016 analysis of Market Dojo, the e-sourcing provider has addressed a number of our identified weaknesses and added an entirely new module — Contract Dojo for contract management. Market Dojo also has continued to build on its strengths in its easy-to-use e-sourcing solution.

Founded in 2010, Market Dojo is a viable shortlist candidate in the e-sourcing market and one of the leading vendors centered on capability and delivery/cost models aimed at middle-market procurement organizations. This updated Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis explores Market Dojo’s strengths and weaknesses and offers a SWOT analysis, providing facts and expert insights to help procurement organizations decide if they should shortlist the vendor as a potential provider. Also see other tech selection/shortlist tips.

Part 1 of our analysis provided company background information and a detailed solution overview, as well as a summary recommended-fit suggestion for what types of organizations should consider Market Dojo. The last installment of this three-part series will offer a user selection guide, a look at Market Dojo’s competitors, and more evaluation and selection considerations.

Market Dojo has not only developed an e-sourcing suite but also done so in a bootstrapped manner. Market Dojo has grown from a provider of “pay-per-drink” auction events to a full sourcing suite with RFX, document and template management, supplier information management (SIM), basic contract management, innovation management and category management (analysis and strategy).

Let’s take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of Market Dojo’s solution.

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