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Dawn Tiura, CEO and President of SIG

Have you heard of tardigrades?

They’re microscopic creatures considered some of Earth’s most resilient animals. They can survive for several days in temperatures of -200 F, withstand radiation, tolerate pressure six times greater than at the bottom of the ocean’s Mariana Trench and go without food or water for up to three decades.

They’ve been on the scene for about 500 million years. It’s likely they’ll be roaming around for the next 500 million years too.

You may be wondering what a tardigrade has to do with procurement.

As I see it, the tardigrade’s success can be chalked up to its ability to withstand extreme difficulties and discomfort. It knows most adversity will eventually pass, adjusting to endure current trials so it can flourish afterward. Over millennia, by surmounting these challenges, it has become one of the hardiest living beings ever discovered.

Procurement can take a lesson from the natural world — that while today might feel like a grinding uphill battle, we must remain focused and not lose faith that we can endure.

Challenges bring new possibilities

Since March, the world has felt increasingly uncertain with the COVID-19 disruption, fluctuating wildly while we hold on waiting for normalcy to return. As our businesses are in a state of pivoting, it’s important to remember that this will lead us to find new ways to excel, experiment with fresh ideas and chart a course through intimidating terrain.

While industries shift to accommodate our current climate, I remain optimistic we’ll learn new skills and ways of conducting business that will help make us more resilient the next time we’re up against the unknown. When an unexpected curve ball comes our way, we won’t be caught off guard.

If adapting to today’s situation feels overwhelming, help is at hand. At Sourcing Industry Group (SIG), we’ve recently made changes so that we can bring even greater value to our community when strength through connection is needed most.

We have long offered enterprise memberships that enable sourcing organizations to bring second-to-none education to their teams. I’m excited to announce that we are debuting individual memberships!

Procurement practitioners can now directly join SIG, giving them unrestricted access to our education and networking opportunities while never missing a beat about the latest happenings in our industry.

Nothing is one-size-fits-all. As such, we’re offering three levels of individual membership: Free, Basic and Premium. Each lets you enjoy our virtual events, high-quality podcasts, webinars, job posts and more. Consider becoming a member to stay plugged in to all things sourcing.

Do you know what you don’t know?

When faced with adversity, that’s the time to sharpen your skills, share your knowledge and ensure you have today’s best practices firmly under your belt.

To ensure practitioners can easily access today’s must-know information, SIG has transitioned all of our events through the end of 2020 to a virtual platform. As always, they’re cost-effective and brimming with the actionable, quality content you rely on. If you’re seeking ways to stay visible and up to date with how the sourcing world is responding to today’s crisis, be sure to view our events calendar.

Climb higher with a certification

Many procurement professionals are also taking inventory of their skills, using this time to ensure their knowledge base is well-rounded and agile.

For those ready to commit to an advantageous learning opportunity where you can earn a highly regarded industry certification, SIG University’s next start dates are Aug. 17 and Sept. 28. It offers online certifications focused on implementing sourcing, outsourcing, third-party risk, governance and intelligent automation programs.

Did I mention a SIG certification looks excellent on a resume?

Whether you’re keen to stand head and shoulders above during the job hunt or simply want to bring the deepest level of knowledge and professionalism to your current role, SIG University’s program content is designed to help you get where you’re looking to go.

Supporting our sector with complimentary resources

COVID-19 can make it feel like you’re running through a maze without any indication where the exit is. No one knows how long we’ll be living and working in upheaval, but one thing is certain — SIG has assembled a suite of useful tools to help you navigate the storm.

I invite you to view our COVID-19 Resource Toolkit. It’s a trove of resources that will help you be better prepared for a sourcing environment in flux. Grab a coffee and take a look at articles such as “Building a Resilient Supply Chain,” “Sourcing’s Role in Workforce Continuity in a Time of Crisis” and other relevant reads.

Opportunity knocks. Are you listening?

While the headlines might have you believing business is inevitably grinding to a halt, reality is far different.

A variety of companies are seeking bright talent on SIG’s Career Network. Check the job postings regularly, so opportunity doesn’t pass you by. If you’re looking to find quality talent, reach out to post open positions in your company on the Career Network.

Finding strength

As the sourcing industry pivots, our best course of action is to arm ourselves with know-how and a can-do attitude.

These past four or five months have been trying, but they’ve also afforded us a valuable pause to reflect on whether we’re doing business in the most efficient, intelligent way. No doubt, many in our space are waking up to the fact that organizations believed they could chug along for the next decade just as they had for the past one.

This year has been a lesson on the drawbacks of becoming too comfortable and assured that today’s methods will secure our success tomorrow.

As all of us rethink and reimagine, I’m optimistic we’ll emerge stronger and smarter than we ever imagined.

Dawn Tiura, CSP, CSMP, C3PRMP, is the President and CEO of Sourcing Industry Group.

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