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Zivio solution overview: A new offering for services sourcing and spend management

08/25/2020 By

The UK-based software company Talon (officially Talon Operating Ltd.) has launched a new service/SOW solution called Zivio.  The company also offers Talon, a direct sourcing and FMS solution, that is covered in Spend Matter’s Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services (DSW/S) SolutionMap.

Spend Matters has been following the contracted service/SOW solution market segment for some years, including identifying new solutions.  We recently had a chance to talk with Talon Operating’s CEO and co-founder, Jonny Dunning, to get the lowdown on Zivio, including a walkthrough demo.

This Spend Matters PRO analysis will begin with some background on the sourcing and management of noncontingent-workforce and contracted services. We will then discuss some of what we learned about Zivio.

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