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Billtrust solution overview: A supplier-centric B2B payments offering

09/14/2020 By

Billtrust’s solution focuses on payments from a different angle.

B2B payments capabilities have almost always been viewed from the payer perspective. How do we get more manual or check payments electronically? How do I increase my rebates using a card program? How can we simplify cross-border payments? The list goes on.

From the source-to-pay vendor marketplace, and more specifically AP automation vendors, many have been attempting to add some payment capabilities beyond “OK-to-pay” status. We’ve analyzed several payments solutions, like Coupa Pay, Tiplati’s payment capabilities and Tradeshift Pay.

But how about if we looked at it from the payee perspective — the vendor or supplier? How about if we had someone that could present payment options that facilitate payment acceptance, balancing supplier preference and buyer convenience?

Most people don’t think to look to the accounts receivable (AR) vendors, or what the market calls order-to-cash.

Billtrust is a leader in this space and has been helping businesses accelerate order-to-cash. Billtrust’s solutions automates key areas of the payment cycle:

  • Credit decisioning and application
  • Invoice presentment
  • Invoice payment
  • Cash application
  • Collections

These solutions reduce DSO for clients and accelerate the time to present an invoice and apply cash. In 2019, the Billtrust order-to-cash solution processed over $1 trillion in receivables for leading companies, including customers Iron Mountain, Leica Microsystems, Holt CAT, and Acushnet (Pinnacle, Titleist & Footjoy).

So how can a company like Billtrust, with deep integration with major companies on the AR side, develop a payment solution to help both buyers and sellers?

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