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Introducing a global Spend Matters website

09/16/2020 By


Hi, as a leader at Spend Matters who has worked with the Spend Matters Europe team for years, I wanted to let our Europe readers know of a key development.

As of October 1 — please mark your calendars for a momentous event — Spend Matters UK/Europe and Spend Matters US will come under a global Spend Matters umbrella, and our websites will become one.

What does this mean for you, the reader of Spend Matters UK/Europe?

  • One home for global procurement coverage: technology analysis, breaking news, CPO interviews, success stories, how-to guides, best practices and more
  • A cohesive team — no more regional silos, on our side or your side! Here’s how it’ll look:
    • Magnus Bergfors {LinkedIn}: global head of analyst research, including Spend Matters PRO + SolutionMap
    • Jenny Draper {LinkedIn}: global head of client services
    • JP Morris {LinkedIn}: editorial lead
    • Nancy Clinton {LinkedIn}: coverage lead, vendors and practitioners

Before you run off screaming, vowing to never read Spend Matters again unless we provide specific regional coverage, please indulge me and read through our FAQ:

How could you do this to me? I don’t care at all what’s going on in North America!!!

We’re really excited about it! With all of the globalization and consolidation of brands, and with the majority of our readers moving to virtual work and now working globally, we consider this a huge opportunity for increased digital connectedness. In fact, 3 out of our 4 team leads, listed above, are based in the UK or Europe! For those of you who rely on regional coverage, don’t worry. Europe-focused content will still be accessible at Our archive of existing UK/Europe content will remain at the same location indefinitely, so you’ll always have access. For the UK/European public sector, we’re still going strong at Public Spend Forum.

What about my RSS feed?

If you currently get UK/Europe content via our RSS feed and a news reader, you will need to update your feed to our new RSS feed source for EU/UK articles (available on Oct. 1, 2020) at The current UK RSS feed and the connected Google Feedburner service will retire on the same date. If you are currently using a news aggregator like, just add the feed as a new source. New regional content will populate your reader page as new content is added.

What about my newsletter subscription?

We’re moving to a global monthly newsletter, full of tips, tricks and analyst insights. For those who are subscribed to the UK newsletter currently, we’ll be asking for your permission to send you the global monthly newsletter (following GDPR opt-in requirements).

What about social media? Should I still follow Spend Matters UK/Europe on Twitter and LinkedIn?

A global website means a global social media voice. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be gradually winding down our presence on the @spendmattersuk Twitter and moving all coverage to @spendmatters. We’ll also be integrating our LinkedIn pages under one Spend Matters name.

How do I pitch an idea if I want to do a guest post or need editorial coverage?

Please email

Procurement practitioners — CPOs, category managers, etc. — who have interesting insights, updates about technology trends or how procurement is evolving can email Nancy Clinton. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to JP Morris.

If you aren’t used to keeping up on global procurement news, you’re in for a treat: There are a lot of nuances that we’re excited to call attention to. By merging the sites, we’re able to combine resources to give the best global view of procurement.

What doesn’t go away? Our commitment to thoroughly questioning what procurement and adjacent functions can look like at their absolute best!