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SolutionMap rankings are updated to reflect a vendor’s number of customers, employees and revenue per customer

10/01/2020 By


In past SolutionMap charts, a vendor’s “bubble size” solely indicated its number of customers.

While that demonstrated some level of market penetration, it did not adequately convey a vendor’s experience and resources to handle complex global deployments. Going forward, the bubble size calculation methodology will consider the following:

  • market scale based on the global number of customers
  • number of full-time employees focused on the relevant solution(s) at the provider
  • revenue per customer in the relevant solution(s)

These factors were assessed by the Spend Matters analyst team, and SolutionMap participants had an opportunity to validate them.

Spend Matters’ Magnus Bergfors, VP European Research and Lead Analyst, notes, “Sometimes technical capability alone might not be enough. For complex global organizations it’s often critical that a vendor also has the experience, resources and global presence to support these types of deployments.”

Moving forward, smaller bubbles will convey smaller “footprint” providers, while bigger bubbles will convey a vendor’s scalability, depending on customer requirements (i.e., bigger isn’t always better).

(Click image to enlarge.)

This will help better match providers and customers, especially when considered alongside SolutionMap Insider “Provider Scoring Summary” reports, which provide further detail on market presence, revenues and penetration.

Note: Bubble color continues to indicate the relative number of validated customer references submitted per vendor, with dark purple representing the highest number of references.

With that, take a look at the Fall 2020 SolutionMap rankings here!