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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF:

Tech Showcase: Brothers Services Group provides energy saving solutions and more

As part of its technology showcase series, Public Spend Forum talked to Ken Sharp, CEO of Brothers Services Group about the company, the problems they are solving, and how they are doing it. BSG determines the needs of a specific federal agency, then engages vetted companies and their proposed products that fulfill the BAA/TAA compliance requirements and supplies those companies' products direct to the agencies that need them. Its most current solution is a state-of-the-art water purification system. "We are now presently offering our natural, safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly disinfectant, the Oxidis Aqueous Ozone Water Faucets. The Ozone Water Generating System produces ozone water direct from a faucet reducing any need for chemical disinfectants. Ozone water as a disinfectant is FDA-approved for killing viruses including the SARS-CoV-2 the coronavirus that causes COVID-19," he told PSF. Read the rest of the interview with BSG here - and access GovShop here where you can search for and find many other innovative suppliers.

Army Testing Augmented Reality Goggles for Working Dogs

Military working dogs will be receiving a new tool to assist their missions: a pair of augmented reality (AR) goggles specially designed for dogs. Throughout many military operations, military dogs are trained and instructed to perform a number of crucial detective missions while accompanying their handler. However, these missions require the handler and dog to be close enough to be able to issue commands with hand signals or laser pointers. The AR goggles enable military dogs to search areas while their handler stays hidden but can send commands remotely through the goggles. Read more here about the specialist suppliers you can find on GovShop.

Recording — eProcurement: The Backbone of Digital Government

Spend Matters’ Jason Busch, Jarrod McAdoo of Ivalua, and Hal Good, Procurement Advisor and Futurist joined Public Spend Forum on Tue, Oct 13 to talk about the critical role eProcurement plays in enabling a digital government. The discussion touches on increasing transparency, value for money, communication and innovation. eProcurement , they explain, not only ensures continuity but can drive value and give greater insight into supply networks. The webinar was recorded and you can now access it here: The backbone of digital government.

Bad Buying – What are the Root Causes in the Government Sector?

Peter Smith discusses the issues, as highlighted in his recent book, that seem particularly relevant to government buying in terms of the root causes of procurement failure and fraud. He identifies four Bad Buying issues in government which he will discuss in more depth over the coming weeks: lack of market understanding, often leading to limited or non-existent competition; commercial naivety in believing the supplier; poor management of risk, including lack of focus on major risks and inappropriate risk aversion; openness to fraud and corruption, exacerbated by ‘box ticking’ which disguises weak processes. Read his Bad Buying outline here.

Social Value achievement in the public sector

UK Bloom Procurement Services has released it Social Value Report for 2019/2020, which highlights the positive social, economic and environmental impact the business has successfully enabled for communities in its region and beyond. The report also revealed that 88.9% of Bloom’s accredited suppliers are of SME status and £97 million worth of projects have been awarded to local suppliers. The full report can be accessed here: Social Value 2020

And in other news ...

UK government has awarded contracts worth a £77.6m to ferry firms to provide supplies post Brexit

Prabowo to visit Austria to discuss possible Typhoon jet fighter deal: Leaked document

UK Government faces court battle over £3bn of undisclosed private coronavirus contracts

NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) sees 40% spending increase in 2020

Amazon Business implementation and insight from Oxfordshire County Council

London-based martech Stotles raises €1.5 million to support the public sector

Bulgaria signs 1.5mn euro Gov aircraft maintenance deal with TAG Maintenance Services

Government to favour UK shipbuilding firms for contracts under defence review plans

Sweden to increase military spending by 40% as tension with Russia grows

The Institute for Fiscal Studies Green Budget 2020 

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