Pactum: Vendor Analysis —  Solution Overview for Long-Tail Negotiation, Roadmap, Customer Feedback, Pactum Competitors, Analyst Insights [PRO]

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of Pactum and its solution for long-tail negotiations.

It takes two to negotiate, yet more often than not negotiations are one-sided. Depending on the scenario, one party usually has a stronger position than the other.

But asserting power over another party for a preferred outcome isn’t the point of a negotiation — at least, not in negotiation theory, anyway. If you ask an academic, there’s actually a range of outcomes that maximize value for both parties, and a truly successful negotiation is one that reaches the sweet spot, the Pareto optimal. Simply put, win-win deals are usually the best outcome, rather than, say, a steep price cut that later contributes to supplier insolvency.

Delivering these optimized, win-win deals is how Pactum, a one-year-old vendor out of Mountain View, California, approaches negotiation.

But outcome optimization is only one part of Pactum’s value prop. The other is that it has developed an AI system that can negotiate with a human supply-side rep to deliver savings and execute a contract. And it can do this for tens of thousands of vendors without any procurement involvement.

This Vendor Analysis also explores the concept behind Pactum; the platform, application and supporting services the vendor delivers; a verified customer reference analysis; and a competitive market analysis, complete with key analyst takeaways.

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