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Staffing suppliers respond to COVID-19 — What does Bullhorn’s survey data tell us?

10/20/2020 By

The vast majority of spend on contingent workers goes through staffing suppliers. More procurement control and VMS have exerted continuous pressure on supply bases to perform with greater efficiency, driving suppliers to use more technology for a wide variety of purposes. COVID-19 has brought a shock to an industry that may cause staffing businesses to rethink how they operate at a more fundamental level.

Bullhorn, the leading software solution provider to staffing firms, recently published the results of a survey that took the temperature of some 800 staffing company respondents globally. Bullhorn’s recent survey posed a number of questions to firms in May of this year about how they were adapting to the COVID-19-induced demand shock that came months prior.

This Spend Matters PRO article looks at the Bullhorn survey data and adds context, as well as providing our perspective on the temp-staffing supplier industry segment looking forward into 2021.

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