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Coupa acquisition: A functional overview of LLamasoft’s supply chain design offering and its intersections with procurement solutions

Just what do the functional intersections of direct materials procurement and supply chain solutions look like?

In the case of Coupa and LLamasoft, there are a number of fascinating use cases that can bring procurement and supply chain teams together — and that in fact LLamasoft has been addressing in a more limited fashion independent of Coupa to date.

But to understand precisely where the products from these two sets of companies will dovetail, it is first necessary to dig into precisely what LLamasoft delivers and how customers use its products.

Note: This is not our usual “Spend Matters PRO” multi-part Vendor Analysis of LLamasoft’s product suite (we’ll make that forthcoming, along with coverage of other supply chain providers with capabilities intersecting direct procurement, including Aera and Kinxaxis, which we recently received briefings and demonstrations on).

Rather, this PRO breaking news coverage is meant as a CliffsNotes-type introduction to specifically what types of capabilities LLamasoft offers and where they fit in the enterprise portfolio of broader supply chain management solutions.

This PRO series, part of our continuing coverage of Coupa’s acquisition of LLamasoft, provides an overview of LLamasoft’s supply chain solution footprint. It begins by defining the specific market in which it competes: supply chain planning, monitoring and analytics.

Disclosure: Spend Matters’ parent company, Azul Partners, provided due diligence services to Coupa as part of this transaction.

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