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AnyData, making spend analytics accessible by anyone! (Or, ‘The mid-market analytics quandary’)

11/10/2020 By

Analytics is front and center in the minds of every executive and practice leader these days, especially since the need for efficiency and insight is again approaching a peak as businesses of all sizes struggle with the additional pressures brought on directly and indirectly by the global coronavirus pandemic.

However, many organizations are still hesitant to pull the trigger on a new solution, and this is the case for a number of reasons:

  • Most analytics solutions still come with a significant price tag (which is impossible to justify without confidence in a quick ROI).
  • Implementation time and data-integration time are still often measured in months, adding uncertainty to the ROI calculation.
  • The upkeep is also concerning — How easy is it for the organization to refresh data and keep the system up to date?
  • And, most importantly, there is the ease of use — the vast majority of systems in the past with "analytics" capabilities have failed to deliver in this respect. (Either the built-in reports were not useful, or the report builder was too complex to allow inquiries to be answered in a reasonable amount of time.)

And the situation is exemplified in the true mid-market where:

  • Budgets are much more constrained.
  • Resources are fewer, and there are no dedicated analysts.
  • There's no budget or time for intense training.
  • Decisions need to be made fast — as survival depends on it.

In other words, a solution for the masses (small and mid-market) must be easy to use, easy to update and relatively easy to implement and initialize.

And this is just something that an average buyer/part-time analyst cannot do — and something AI can't solve either.

AnyData, a provider that has spent years building a powerful analytics platform on a rapid development stack, has taken all of the mid-market needs to heart and purpose-built one of the first solutions for the average, budding sourcing/procurement buyer and analyst that achieves all of the right goals. How so?

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