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Ignite Procurement: Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Detailed Look at Modules, SWOT, Ignite competitors, Commentary

11/19/2020 By

With the rise of Ignite Procurement, it seems like the Nordics are making a play to be one of the major hot spots in the increasingly global spend analysis marketplace. Finland gave us Sievo, Sweden gave us Effso Spendency, Denmark gave us Scanmarket (which started as an e-sourcing provider and which recently built a full-featured spend analytics module with AI classification that can be bought standalone, even though its analytics solution works best as part of the suite), and now Norway is giving us Ignite Procurement.

Which is best?

That depends on your needs, and to help you find out, in this Part 2 of Spend Matters’ PRO deep dive, we will dig deeper into Ignite's modules, provide a SWOT assessment, discuss Ignite Procurement’s competitors and offer a market analysis to help you make your decision.

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Vendor Analysis