Public Spend Forum: PPE products marketplace launched and Leaders Exchange reconvenes

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF:

PPE and Covid-19 products marketplace

This week PSF is excited to announce the launch of PPE and Covid-19 products marketplace in collaboration with Fandes (Fandes is partnering with GovShop to bring vetted COVID-19 supplies and products to public and private buyers. This marketplace is powered by deep market intelligence and shipping expertise, it says). The goal is to provide:

  • A growing list of PPE, Testing Kits and Covid-19 Tech products from vetted suppliers
  • Competitive pricing negotiated by an expert sourcing team, with additional discounts for larger orders
  • Insight into product availability for urgent needs, continually updated by the team
  • Free access and support from the sourcing team to help secure larger orders at no additional cost
  • Access to the GovShop Covid-19 supplier catalog that includes over 8000 suppliers and over 10,000 products

Barriers to Entry Roundtable Discussion

New Date Alert -- this roundtable discussion is being pushed out to December to accommodate more people. It's an online webinar with Ben McMartin, Managing Partner, PSF, Raj Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, PSF, Samantha Clark, Special Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP, Major Andrew S. Bowne, Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, 30th Space Wing, and William C. Greenwalt, Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute. The event is co-hosted by DAU and Public Spend Forum and will discuss:

  • What barriers have persisted across decades
  • What recent reforms have been enacted to target these barriers
  • Whether the reforms are taking effect and having an impact
  • What the future look like for Defense Acquisition

Mon, Dec 07, 2020 1:00 ‒ 3:00 pm EST and registration is available until Dec. 7

First 7MI Market Intelligence Challenge

Public Spend Forum is about to launch its first ever 7MI market intelligence challenge. In a virtual workshop leaders from government and industry involved in procurement will turn their minds to lowering barriers to government market entry, making sure that requirements are aligned with the market, and increasing transparency. 25 selected individuals will learn the leading commercial and public sector market intelligence practices and frameworks, all incorporated into Public Spend Forum’s “7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials” which are 20 years in the making. Learn more here.

Advocating for Small Businesses in GovCon

Episode 20 of the Public Sector Heroes Podcast features Guy Timberlake, who is the “Go-To” guy in US government contracting and an advocate for small businesses. He shares his recommendations for anyone interested in competing for government contracts. Frank McNally takes the host seat and sits down with him to discuss his career in government contracting. You can also learn more about Timberlake’s organization, GovCon Club.

Public Sector Leaders Exchange

PSF is excited to convene another meeting of the Public Procurement Leaders Exchange. The focus of this meeting and discussion will be Barriers to Entry in Government Markets. They will share initial findings from the Barriers to Entry in Government Markets survey in anticipation of the full report and discuss which challenges suppliers identified as key barriers to entry. The meeting is specifically for government leaders and will be held via Zoom to encourage a larger, cross-geographic, and cross-functional dialogue. You will be able to engage with other leaders and participate in active discussions.

Dec. 10, 2020 2:00‒3:30 pm EST -- registration is available until Dec 10

Take the Barriers to Entry global survey

Companies, large or small, new to government or traditional contractors, all face some type of barriers in working with government agencies (federal/state or local).  To better understand the specific barriers and potential solutions, Public Spend Forum worked with the NC State University’s Supply Chain Resource Center to launch a Barriers to Entry in Government Markets global study and survey.

And in other news ...

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Blockchain could become a part of the US military’s strategic weaponry

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Making the use of by-products mandatory in the EU

Bechtel accuses HS2 of ‘unlawful negotiations’ as Old Oak Common case comes to a head

President-elect Joe Biden prioritizes domestic production of PPE as vital to ensuring adequate access to these supplies in emergencies

30 renewables specialists win spots on £800m energy framework

Loopholes and lack of data undermine public sector food buying

US Army wants data analytics to spot ‘Emerging Tech Leaders’

 UK Government creates £1bn deal to buy direct from major software vendors

Ontario Launching New Agency to Centralize Government Procurement

UK startup nabs €2.4 million seed funding to upgrade the enterprise procurement process 

BT sets-up Irish procurement business with €14.5bn budget

Italy and Austria to co-operate on procurement of Leonardo Helicopters following agreement between defence ministers

Need Training on GovShop?

Public Spend Forum has been hosting a series of GovShop training sessions over the summer. They teach users how to optimize their profiles and get the most out of GovShop. They are happy to deliver personalized training too for your company to answer any specific questions. Access the training sessions here - or request one tailored to your firm.

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