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Hang on and hang in: The roller coaster won’t last forever

11/23/2020 By

The last 20 years have been anything but a smooth ride from a business standpoint. Looking back, it’s clear we’ve rarely enjoyed a sustained reprieve from tumultuous times.

First, Y2K, then the dot com bubble burst, then the 9/11 attacks and ensuing economic downturn followed. Only a handful of years later, the world was in the grip of the Great Recession. Then just when things were on an upward swing, 2020 came along to wipe out many small to large businesses.

If the past two decades have taught us anything, it’s that the world is in a constant state of flux. We can’t afford to become complacent or too comfortable.

I often find that once the dust has settled and some time has elapsed, I look back at those “What else could go wrong?” moments and realize I’m now a more resilient person better equipped to confront the unknown. Each catastrophe pushes us and our organizations to be innovative and operate with tenacity.

I see that applied now in our current world. Many of us who weathered this century’s earlier periods of uncertainty feel better able to handle 2020. We know our lives won’t always be upside-down and normalcy will return at some stage.

What “normal” looks like remains to be seen. The best we can do now is to prepare ourselves to come back stronger and smarter.

Three letters that unlock opportunity: CSP

We know that while budgets have been trimmed, your need for relevant, high-quality education hasn’t changed.

To put SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional program, our longest-running certification program, within reach for more professionals like yourself, we’re offering a 25% discount.

If staying home during the holiday season will leave you with extra time to invest in yourself, why not become a Certified Sourcing Professional (CSP)? Whether you’re a job seeker looking to stand out or want to bring an even higher level of knowledge to your current company, becoming a CSP will get you there.

As the gold standard in advanced training for sourcing and procurement teams, the CSP designation announces to the world that you are a dedicated professional ready to rise to any occasion. With there being no telling what 2021 has in store, as a CSP you can be assured you will have the know-how and analytical capabilities to thrive.

To earn your CSP, there are two options. For those who prefer a more traditional approach with an online classroom and instructor, we have cohorts forming now and you’re able to select from a January or February start time.

Alternatively, if you want maximum flexibility without having to stick to a defined schedule, our self-paced option is for you.

No matter which avenue you select, you’ll be immersed in courses that delve into strategic sourcing, outsourcing methodologies and negotiation best practices. You’ll come away with a confident understanding of business best practices and theories, strategic sourcing methodologies, and next-practice insights on artificial intelligence, big data, crowdsourcing and other disruptive technologies challenging the future of work.

New Year, New Goals, New Start with SIG

SIG knows many of you are using the final weeks of 2020 to set your professional trajectory for the new year.

That’s why on Dec. 9, we’re holding our next digital SIGnature Event: Elevating to Excellence—People and the Business. Our program will focus on sourcing’s role in accelerating innovation.

Trailblazing companies will pull back the curtain to share their insights on fresh trends, solutions and innovations. A can’t-miss line-up of respected thought leaders will weigh in on everything your organization needs to know to pilot through next year’s expected turbulence.

The contingent workforce is one area of work that has been reimagined in the last decade. With a raft of benefits for organizations, including flexibility and cost-savings, many companies are eager to leverage the power of contingent workforces.

Our SIGnature event will feature Guidant Global delving into five ways the contingent workforce has evolved post-COVID. If you’ve been eager to explore how this approach can help you meet staffing demands while keeping your budget balanced, plan to attend.

In sourcing, we know nothing is more valuable than our supplier partnerships. No doubt your company’s needs in January 2021 will look different to what they were a year prior. Do you have the right partners in place to help you rise to the challenge?

The event’s Provider Showcase will help you build the supplier relationships you need to tackle disruption in the next 12 months and beyond.

Nothing Looks the Same

While today’s business climate seems like it barely resembles the one we knew a year ago, I have no doubt that the lessons our organizations are learning now will serve us well in the future. We’ve learned how to run our businesses during a global pandemic. We’ve worked together with our partners to meet shifting consumer and business demands with little notice. These accomplishments shouldn’t be glazed over.

This situation, as unsettling as it has felt at times, won’t last forever. When we do turn the corner, we’ll be wiser, more adept and better equipped to rise above the next challenge.