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Veriscape’s Symphonia: Vendor Analysis — Solution Overview, Roadmap, Customer Feedback, Symphonia Competitors, Analyst Insights 

11/23/2020 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis will give an overview of Veriscape's Symphonia e-procurement capabilities, and we’ll also consider how ERP systems and e-procurement solutions have evolved.

A response to the rigid ERP systems to support the indirect purchasing function in the 1990s was the development of e-procurement solutions, which initially functioned more as a product catalog management solution. They had a buying front-end (e-store) to create a purchase requisition coupled with an approval process.

As we well know, these solutions have evolved significantly in order to meet more complex business requirements. But just because e-procurement solutions have evolved technologically and functionally does not imply that all organizations have evolved (matured) at the same rate.

We still see many organizations that focus on the challenges from 20 years ago, and not necessarily with high technology or great functionality, but only rely on an improved shopping front-end (e-store) for usability purposes (vs ERPs), and a content management solution that can handle the consolidation of all indirect product catalogs, some services (template-based) and the integration with punch-out catalogs (third-party websites).

This still is a huge market opportunity, and companies like Veriscape that began 20 years ago have managed to keep winning customers with this vision.

This review is about Veriscape’s latest product release, Symphonia. We will look at its platform and services, give a brief description of its solution functionalities and examine its roadmap. It also will include a verified customer reference analysis, a look at Veriscape’s competitors/market analysis, and some key analyst takeaways.

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