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ProcureWise: Vendor Analysis — Solution Overview, Roadmap, Competitors & Market, Customer Feedback, Commentary [PRO]

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This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of ProcureWise and its extended workforce solution.

In the past few years, a number of new extended workforce solutions have emerged to challenge incumbent VMS providers and/or look to penetrate lower, underserved mid-market tiers. We refer to them as “extended workforce solutions,” rather than VMS, because the long-standing term, VMS, carries a connotation of being anchored to temporary staffing. That said, today, both new solution providers and evolved VMS providers address a broader set of extended workforce channels.

ProcureWise is the newest kid on the block, having officially launched its solution in early October (the solution was previously running in beta). The company itself was founded by the founder and CEO of CEIPAL, a staffing agency recruitment and HRMS software business launched in 2011. CEIPAL reports that it serves over 1,400 client companies.

Like others in its category, ProcureWise’s extended workforce solution, which is built on a state-of-the-art, API-open technology platform, addresses enterprise requirements to source and manage staffing and non-staffing contingent workers as well as SOW-services. It provides direct sourcing capabilities, and it is aimed at “total talent” scenarios. The solution appears to leverage some CEIPAL technology platform components for at least direct sourcing, where AI enables talent sourcing — a unique, special twist to this solution.

This Vendor Analysis provides a high-level analyst perspective on ProcureWise, including a business snapshot; overview of platform, solution and supporting services; competitive market overview; and key analyst takeaways.

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