Future 5 start-up winner Utmost talks extended workforce solutions

Utmost, a contingent workforce and services procurement specialist, has made waves in the contingent services market with its extended workforce system, and was recently named a Future 5 start-up by Spend Matters.

For those who aren’t aware, the Future 5 list represents five of the most exciting procurement start-ups in the world today according to our analysts. Many procurement technology start-ups move from early-stage to market contenders quickly, so each company was vetted by the Spend Matters analyst team to meet the following criteria:

  • Be less than 5 years old, with ideally less than 2 years in market (official product launch)
  • Have 5+ customers
  • Have an innovative, interesting application of technology
  • Have clear momentum and staying power
  • Have under $10 million in revenue

The contingent workforce market is especially hot right now, as more companies are turning to gig workers and the like to fulfill business needs. It’s a perfect storm for an extended workforce platform like Utmost to grow, as well. In past Spend Matters’ PRO coverage,  analyst Andrew Karpie said: “Up to this time, while there have been new point solutions for the direct sourcing and management of independent workers, there has not been a broader platform solution that will address the entire extended workforce of an enterprise. Utmost is making a timely appearance on the scene.”

We chatted with Utmost’s co-Founder and COO, Dan Beck, to learn more about the solution and to get a first-hand understanding of just what it means to be selected as a Future 5 start-up. Listen to the podcast below.

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