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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF:

Invest in yourself with these market intelligence workshops

Public Spend Forum’s first-ever 7MI (Market Intelligence) Challenge takes place December 15 from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm ET (GMT+5). Any government or industry personnel interested in better acquisition outcomes and lower barriers to entry in the public sector can learn from experts from across the government and industry to help steer them towards applying best practices from the 7MI framework. This virtual workshop will teach how to apply the 7MI essentials which lead to lower barriers for suppliers and increased market transparency. They also get exclusive access to the invaluable public sector market intelligence best practices and become part of the ever-growing elite GovShop alumni network. Applications closed on Dec. 1 but you can still submit and get notified early of the next opportunity. More information here: 7MI (Market Intelligence) Challenge.

Tech Showcase: NFI Masks produces respirators and masks

NFI Masks produced respirators and masks during the rise of the pandemic to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Their masks are categorized into two types, a KN-style mask which is a multi-layer mask, and a single-use face mask. The masks are 100% manufactured from raw materials within the United States, which has led to more domestic manufacturing jobs. The masks are primarily used for general non-medical use, with three to six layers to prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria. PSF talked to President Todd Raines to discuss the production process of face masks in the midst of COVID-19. Read that here.

How to become a government contractor: The GovShop guide to SAM registration

In the US, if you want to become a government contractor you first be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). You and your company are not eligible to receive a contract from the federal government until your US federal contractor registration is complete, and it takes time and effort to do that. But don’t let this administrative exercise prevent you from realizing your government contracting ambitions. PSF created a guide to help you through each step of the registration process, from the information you’ll need to collect before you begin the process through the complex representations and certifications that will inform your contracting relationships with any government agency that awards you a contract. Read that here.

Online Webinar: GovShop Training & Demo for DATC

GovShop is a machine learning-enabled platform built to connect companies to growth opportunities and capital through government and the public sector. With over 250+ government agencies — across federal, state, and local governments — GovShop is a simple, free way to increase awareness of your products/services across government. Register to attend this free training and demo so you can start connecting with opportunities in the public sector. This GovShop training and demo is specifically for DATC (defense automotive technologies consortium) members and will teach you how to optimize your profile and get the most out of GovShop.

Dec. 16, 2020 2:00 ‒ 3:00 pm EST (GMT+5) and registration is available until Dec. 16


And in other news ...

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Why governments need an AI strategy: A conversation with the WEF’s head of AI

US Army enterprise IT office looks to expand ‘as a service’

UK review urges mandatory transparency on use of algorithms in public sector

French Competition Authority overturns decision-making practice: coordination between subsidiaries in calls for tenders is no longer anti-competitive

NAO highlights major flaws in the PPE supply chain

Bulgaria Joins Europe’s “Аwkward” Squad

Boris Johnson agrees £16bn rise in defence spending

EU-US: A new transatlantic agenda for global change

UK gov roadmap to remove high risk vendors from telecoms network

Spanish parliament passes 2021 budget: plans to spend €27bn from EU recovery fund 


Need Training on GovShop?

Public Spend Forum has been hosting a series of GovShop training sessions over the summer. They teach users how to optimize their profiles and get the most out of GovShop. They are happy to deliver personalized training too for your company to answer any specific questions. Access the training sessions here - or request one tailored to your firm.

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