Coupa and complexity: Acquisitions, tech integration and customer issues [PRO]

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As veteran industry analysts in this space, we closely watch procurement technology developments — engaging with solution providers, their customers, implementation consultants and the broader market. Coupa’s aggressive M&A activity over the last couple of years (four this year alone) has shifted the market landscape, but also the Coupa solution landscape for its current customers.

We’ve covered Coupa since it was a scrappy start-up with a really simple, easy-to-use solution at a very low price point. Now it is integrating all of its acquisitions to fulfill Coupa’s vision for business spend management (BSM).

Simplicity was really important to Coupa. Yet, with growth comes complexity, and after a series of major acquisitions, some customers that we’ve spoken with aren’t seeing a fully integrated, simpler solution.

In this Spend Matters PRO piece, we’ll explore:

  • How Coupa is facing integration issues stemming from its strategy of increasingly larger acquisitions
  • The issue of master data fragmentation (with supplier master data in particular) on workflow and analytics — and on a common supplier portal interface
  • Coupa’s expansion beyond spend management into supply chain management
  • Our point of view on Coupa’s continued growth strategy through acquisitions

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