For 2021, faster responses are coming with Promena Chatbot and Quick Request for Quotation (Q-RFQ)

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Promena Orçun Güven is the Director of Promena Sourcing Solutions. (Promena photo)

The digitalization of business processes changes business models and creates new venues, thus requiring new methods and approaches for existing solutions. The creation of an efficient customer journey is only possible with a strong competitive advantage. Agile organizations that can keep up with this rapid change and offer fast solutions to the market are increasing in value. Customers now want to work with companies that can respond to their problems very quickly and provide the best service. The best example of Promena being one of these organizations stands out as the two innovations it will bring in 2021.

This article aims to explain only two of the new features that the Promena brand will offer to customers at the beginning of 2021. Promena is an agile sourcing platform that embraces improvements and innovative solutions. In this context, the company continues to provide numerous benefits to its customers in 2021 with more modules and innovations. Today I will only talk about the innovations we bring to our existing modules: Chatbot and Quick Request for Quotation (Q-RFQ).

Serving customers with Promena Chatbot

Chatbot is a common expression in the global business world, and the benefits of chatbots are quickly attracting more companies and encouraging them to explore their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Artificial intelligent chatbots are virtual assistants that can engage customers 24/7, as well as improving the customer experience. It can easily manage customer requests with instant responses, thus increasing customer satisfaction. Instant responses are really significant when it comes to customer patience; any waiting time can lead to frustration and potential confusion. Chatbot is a smarter way to ensure customers get instant answers to their requests.

Generally, companies practice "passive customer interaction," which means that customers only respond when communicated with and that they do not initiate communication by themselves. Promena is a software-as-a-service provider that strives to reach their customers proactively and meet their needs as fast as it can. It is a universal fact that human mistakes are inevitable. Manual work carries a risk of error, which can eventually cause major problems. Errors may occur while collecting customer information or sharing product information. Chatbots are the best way to provide error-free service and prevent complications that might occur. Since chatbots are programed with all the information needed, there is no chance for error. Accuracy is guaranteed with chatbots. Another benefit of a chatbot is that it brings good news and improvements for consumers. In a customer-focused world, chatbots help us improve the user experience and build stronger brand trust and loyalty. Chatbots also make the customers feel valued and cared for, which improves brand perception in the long run.

With Promena’s Chatbot, users will become loyal customers and will create a long-term relationship with Promena.

Promena believes that thanks to the development of this feature, the company will differentiate itself from other procurement solutions available in the market. Along with this way, the company will show that the solution is not just software and also that Promena always stands by its customers.

Faster quotes with Q-RFQ

Another module that Promena has recently put into service is the Quick Request for Quotation (Q-RFQ). The purpose of using this feature is to collect quotes from as many companies as possible while ensuring that the potential suppliers meet certain standards. Q-RFQ provides easy setup of the service and the completion of complex processes with minimum requirements.

It is especially suited for operational sourcing activities. It can work standalone as well as integrated with the e-procurement module. It can also be integrated with ERP systems (creating a quick RFQ with integration from requests generated in an ERP), allowing purchasing professionals to define their own offer collection templates and create RFQs over ready templates. With this module, certain categories can be created where it is useful to get quotes for certain product items quickly. Thanks to all these features, RFQs can be created and published very quickly.

Customers who use Promena reduce their back-and-forth with their suppliers as much as possible. Quotes can be previewed and followed at every stage as self-tracking screens guide users step by step. New companies can be added during the stage where quotations are collected and firms cannot access the price information provided by other firms in any process. Firms can be eliminated in steps according to the responses to the required revisions during the stages. In this way, with fewer companies remaining in each new round, the process can continue until it is terminated. Furthermore, thanks to the Q-RFQ module, Promena can collect quotes from all over the world, with instantly updated exchange rates and language assistance already available. The Q-RFQ module is able to collect offers for different requests with a single RFQ process and manage bargaining parts.

When the procurement department is satisfied with the offers, users can switch to the Q-RFQ Management Tab to manage the requests and offers they have received. For example, purchasing requests can be opened for products that need to be purchased urgently, even during the bid collection phase. All transactions awaiting action by the purchasing professionals can be managed from here, thus the monitoring and follow-up of the offer collection processes can be turned into an order process very quickly.

At Promena, we are proud of the features we have developed, and we are eager to serve the global market with our young, dynamic and innovative staff. We are confident that our innovations and vision will make us a unique global player. 2021 is a year of opportunities for us, and you can be sure that Promena will be mentioned frequently in the purchasing world.

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