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LevaData: Vendor Analysis, 2020 update (Part 2) — Detailed Module Overview, SWOT, LevaData Competitors, Summary

12/22/2020 By and

In Part 1 we re-introduced you to LevaData, a unique provider in the direct sourcing and procurement space that brings a distinctive mashup of analytics, should-cost modeling, constraint-based optimization, and risk insight to direct (bill-of-material based) sourcing —  particularly in the electronics supply chain.

It was, and still is, one of a small set of vendors pushing "cognitive" procurement technology, and while there is a lot of significantly advanced technology under the hood of LevaData’s solution, no vendor truly is there yet. However, the goal of technology is to augment our intelligence, not replace it, so there is no need for technology to actually be cognitive if it gets close enough and solves the problems the user needs it to solve.

Founded by veterans of the Cisco procurement and supply chain organization to close a number of gaps they saw in analytics, sourcing and supply management platforms around supply availability, accurate cost information and potential risk, they've made great strides since that day seven years ago, building a solution that solves the majority of the critical problems in the electronics supply chain, especially in the high-tech sector.

As indicated in our last part, not only does LevaData’s solution now revolve around three distinct offerings — Cost Optimizer, New Product Accelerator and Risk Navigator — but the distinct strengths it brings to the table has no peer across all its offerings and only a few in each. And those offerings that it does have each come with unique strengths that can be quite valuable.

In Part 2 of this Spend Matters PRO, we’ll examine the solution modules in detail, offer a SWOT analysis, check out LevaData’s competitors (like SAP Ariba or Ivalua in procurement technology, Sievo in the analytics market, and vendors in other market sectors) and close with a summary analysis.

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