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Marketboomer: Vendor Analysis — P2P Solution Overview, Roadmap, Customer Feedback, Marketboomer Competitors, Analyst Insights 

01/11/2021 By

This Spend Matters PRO will look at Marketboomer, a provider whose procure-to-pay offering is called Purchase Plus.

When we talk about P2P solutions, we normally refer to horizontal solutions — those that cover the requirements of a wide range of industries and markets. P2P vertical solutions, however, cover the requirements of specific industries, given their specializations in either processes or functionalities.

This is the case for Marketboomer, a P2P solution that is specific to the hospitality industry (mainly from Australia).

This industry requires very specific purchasing practices depending on the country or countries of operation, as well as product inventory management and just-in-time logistics. It also handles products like food and drinks, whose prices vary daily, and this industry also has the complexity of enabling local suppliers (sometimes for just one product) that have little digital or IT capabilities. Horizontal solutions hardly meet the needs of vertical industries, so it is necessary to have solutions like Marketboomer, at least for hotel purchasing.

This Vendor Analysis will give an overview of Marketboomer's Purchase Plus solution (just P2P), a look at its platform and services, and a brief description of its solution functionalities. Then we’ll examine the company roadmap, assess a verified customer reference, do a market analysis of Marketboomer’s competitors, and give some key analyst takeaways.

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