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Accounts Payables Automation update (Part 2) —  Re-evaluating e-pro, supplier enablement, invoicing, payments, financing, analytics

01/14/2021 By

As Spend Matters re-evaluates the AP automation sector’s technology developments, Part 2 of this PRO analyst series will focus on the six key elements of AP automation that we evaluate for our SolutionMap’s scoring and ranking of vendor offerings. (Don't read this without reading Part 1, about re-evaluating the tech developments in AP automation.)

We saw these six areas change in 2020, so we’ll look at how the function is evolving. This post explores the technological, functional and document-level components required to automate the AP function, and it mentions the stakeholders involved.

There are likely use cases that require much more technology, or much less, than what we mention here. So give us your feedback.

In Part 3, we’ll discuss the market landscape for AP automation providers.

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