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SourcingCockpit (from With): Vendor Analysis — Solution overview for vendor and contract management, roadmap, SourcingCockpit competitors, analyst insights

01/26/2021 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis provides an overview of SourcingCockpit and its solutions for vendor and contract management.

The convergence of technology and services is a key trend we’re watching in the procurement solutions market.

More often than not, procurement transformation projects are accompanied not only by the adoption of a new system to standardize processes and simplify information management but also by a team of implementation consultants who coach the organization through to a higher state of maturity.

Such value-added services around maturity benchmarking, process improvement and opportunity identification are becoming increasingly important in solution selection, which is why Spend Matters’ highly technical SolutionMap vendor evaluations include requirements for services capabilities in addition to functionality assessments.

SourcingCockpit is a solution that embodies this trend. It is part of a tech-enabled services firm, named With. Offering experience in advising large and mid-size procurement organizations in the areas of RFX creation/management, supplier selection, due diligence, negotiation, contract authoring and transition processes, With helps clients diagnose their maturity levels, develop a roadmap to building vendor and contract management competency, and provides the supporting technology to codify new roles and ways of working. The supporting solution, however, is not a “leave behind” but a fully standalone tool, one that occupies an interesting gray area between supplier management and contract lifecycle management.

This Vendor Analysis explores the concept behind SourcingCockpit and looks at the platform, application and supporting services that the vendor delivers. This post also details SourcingCockpit’s competitors in a market analysis, complete with key analyst takeaways.

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