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Glantus: Vendor Analysis — Solution overview for AP automation, roadmap, Glantus’ competitors, tech selection tips, strength/weakness

02/08/2021 By

In the automation of business processes, all kinds of technology providers find ways to tackle problems and address each company’s needs. Accounts payable automation is no exception. And in this Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis article, we’ll check out Glantus, a provider with a different technology approach to automate the AP process.

Glantus' value proposition is based on the integration of data from all transactional systems that are related to the AP process, regardless of the complexity of the system landscape. Glantus then cleans, enriches and classifies all the data for the ultimate purpose of the AP process — the validation and approval of the invoice for payment.

This Vendor Analysis will give an overview of Glantus’ AP solution, with a look at its platform and services, as well as a brief description of its solution functionalities. We’ll detail its roadmap for the future, and we’ll share insights into Glantus’ competitors in the AP automation market. We also will have some key analyst takeaways about Glantus’ strengths and weaknesses.

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