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Business intelligence platform ‘Suppleye’ launches with free insights tool

The new business intelligence tool Suppleye launched today with the goal of giving businesspeople a real-time view of how their clients and suppliers are faring.

Professionals already know an increasing amount about their own internal dealings with partners, but having the right information from outside of any businesses’ four walls can prove vital context in building relationships and making decisions. Suppleye delivers curated news and sentiment insights about the specific companies that interest you. And it is free to use.

Suppleye (pronounced “supply” because it helps you to keep your eye on suppliers) is the latest incarnation of a business tool that beta-tested in 2020. Last summer, we wrote about it as “CatalyticsHub,” which has been rebranded while the tool’s core mission became clearer.

“Generally speaking, commercial roles have got harder over the last few years,” said Suppleye COO Tim Czerwonka. “Global markets, increasing amounts of data and growing workloads have made it very hard for people to keep pace with market news. But external context is so important for creativity and decision-making. There are masses of important information out there that is going unseen, and the solution to which can only be sources and software.”

Suppleye has 3,000 companies preloaded as part of the free offering, and more will be added. It also contains category news feeds — some free, some highly targeted toward subscriber supply-chain needs available as part of a “pro” model. Before walking into a meeting with their boss, a supplier or a client (for example), Suppleye users can catch the latest news and sentiment about that company, category or supply chain.

Focused for professional use

The tool has been honed further to serve professionals on the job.

The Suppleye technology functions as a personalized research engine. It uses AI to search millions of articles daily, the output of which is curated news and sentiment that reflects the state of your suppliers. It’s targeted specifically toward issues that move the needle for companies — like risk, innovation, sustainability, finance news, organizational changes and M&A.

These events might not always happen frequently, but people who know about them can use this market context in their thinking and decisions. Putting it bluntly, they can also look good in front of current stakeholders or prospective employers by having an up-to-the minute external perspective.

It might be that you check up on a partner before you talk to your boss, jump on a Zoom call with the client, write a category strategy or make a purchase that will affect your company’s performance for months. You can even keep an eye on competitors or monitor what’s being written about your own company.

It’s vital to know the outside opinions on events and companies — and know how that changes over time. Suppleye shows how companies compare to peers, and soon, users will be able to compare and rank suppliers for quick reference.

How the Suppleye tool works

Suppleye uses AI to scour the internet worldwide for relevant information for your personalized feed.

The highly bespoke and targeted nature of the search algorithms means that noise is filtered out. The tech focuses on finding useful business information, not just any information.

Finally, professional curators help tailor the feeds for individual users of Suppleye.

“Our engine is learning more daily,” Czerwonka said, “but for now, the human and AI tandem is a powerful combination. It looks far, saves readers time and instills confidence in the content that’s delivered.”

Suppleye also uses a range of data to calculate the sentiment about a company and displays a reputation score, which can be tracked and compared against other companies. Dashboards and notifications keep users up to date as the real-time searches and curation continue in the background. Users can also get email alerts and updates.

And users of the free platform can opt for a subscription service that further customizes information and adds analytics to the intel given in the core tool.

Suppliers themselves also have a stake in this.

As part of the knowledge puzzle, the Suppleye team talks enthusiastically about the power of also understanding what suppliers want to showcase to the procurement sector. Suppleye is working with partners to help them better connect with buyers and suppliers concerning the products and services that they offer.

How it performs for users

Suppleye pulled back the curtain on itself, sharing on its website some insights on what its Beta testers think:

  • “I love my suppliers, but I know there are things they don’t tell me. With Suppleye, I can be just as well informed … as they are.”
  • “I set up a competitor board to check on what’s happening with the suppliers I use and the ones they compete with.”
  • “I’ll be honest, when I saw the prototype, it wasn’t that good. But you’ve nailed it now.”

Chris Bennett, CRO at Suppleye, suggests the scope of the platform has both breadth and depth to multiple users.

“We see the functionality being of benefit in a variety of contexts,” Bennett said. “You might be interviewing for a new job, searching for a new supplier, building competitor analysis, managing risks, seeking digital innovation, or you might just want to look smart with your stakeholders.”

“Relevant and contextual information is useful for building specific knowledge, forming opinions, creating relationships and making decisions,” he said. “Everybody knows someone who knows cool stuff. That person can now be you.”

This Brand Studio post was written with Suppleye.