Afternoon Coffee: Fiverr acquires creative freelancer platform Working Not Working; WillHire launches on-demand offering; PRO recap: Glantus, complex services, spend analytics and M&A technology integration

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Fiverr, the “service-as-a-product” freelancer marketplace, announced its acquisition of the creative freelancer platform Working Not Working. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Fiverr said the company will remain a standalone organization and retain its team and top leadership.

According to the press release, Working Not Working “connects tens of thousands of full-time creatives and freelancers with top brands and agencies through a subscription model.” Among the company’s customers are Google, Netflix, Spotify, Droga5 and Wieden+Kennedy.

“This acquisition deepens our penetration into the top tier of creative talent," Micha Kaufman, Fiverr’s CEO, said as part of the press release, "and at the same time (it) gives us further insight into the creative and marketing needs of these big brands and agencies. Having the Working Not Working team on board, with their strong expertise in the creative and advertising sector, allows us to advance our efforts in this area and continue our strategic move upmarket towards higher-end digital services."

Kaufman also said Fiverr remains dedicated to serving our small businesses and entrepreneurs, and “that is not going to change.” But he said Fiverr also “sees a huge opportunity in creating products and services that appeal to larger businesses, brands and agencies.” Kaufman added that “over the past several years, we’ve expanded our offerings immensely to ensure we are meeting the needs of today’s larger companies.” The solution Fiverr Business is probably a good example of this.

At this point, Spend Matters believes that there are probably not many large enterprises that have incorporated Fiverr as a platform supplier into their HR/procurement-led contingent workforce programs, but increasingly marketing and other functions in those large enterprises likely have and will. In future years, contingent workforce programs may too (as a part of their multi-channel sourcing strategies), but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

WillHire OnDemand offers access to shift workers

WillHire, a direct sourcing and talent pool platform, announced this week that it is expanding its platform with a new WillHire OnDemand offering for enterprises who use light industrial and shift workers.

The company said WillHire OnDemand delivers immediate value including cost savings, reduced time to hire, reduction in no-show workers, elimination of unfilled shifts and re-engagement of highly-ranked workers.

WillHire OnDemand will aim to help hiring teams by immediately and automatically matching candidates in a company’s pre-vetted private talent pool and public talent pools, the company said in a press release. It can also automatically send text messages with candidates, keep an instant bench of backup talent and promises other features.

“The traditional methodologies for finding and engaging light industrial and shift workers are riddled with massive challenges and inefficiencies, which cause high churn and high drop-off rates so shifts go unfilled, frustrating hiring managers and directly impacting the business,” Praneeth Patlola, CEO and Founder of WillHire, said in the press release. “We’ve applied our in-depth experience in direct sourcing and talent pools for professional roles along with deep insights and extended our OnDemand solution to address the unique challenges our customers face in light industrial and shift work to make WillHire valuable for organizations who utilize contractors across all types of work.”

Spend Matters’ Research Director of contingent workforce/services solutions, Andrew Karpie, said: “WillHire OnDemand may be the first direct sourcing solution focusing on light industrial and shift workers. Up to this time, direct sourcing/talent pool solutions have focused on knowledge workers. WillHire OnDemand will determine if the models can work for light industrial and shift workers.”

For more information on work/services direct sourcing solutions, see The Direct Sourcing of Workers/Services (DSW/S) Solution Market Landscape and An Executive’s Guide to Direct Sourcing of Contract Work/Services (Part 1).

Spend Matters' analysts look at Glantus, complex services, spend analytics and M&A technology integration

This week, Spend Matters PRO analyst Xavier Olivera provided a solution overview of Glantus, an accounts payables (AP) automation provider. Analyst Andrew Karpie dove into the market of complex services. Also, analysts Michael Lamoureux and Jason Busch compared Jason Alexander and spend analytics, sharing why spend analytics should be a main character in your procurement operation. Finally, Lamoureux and Busch analyzed the five levels of M&A technology integration with Stage 5 Replatforming insights this week.

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