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Supplyframe DirectSource: Vendor Analysis (Part 2) — Deep dives on NPI, DirectSource; SWOT; Supplyframe competitors

02/23/2021 By

Supplyframe is a very interesting provider that positions itself as a full-suite supply chain and source-to-pay solution in the high-tech electronics industry. It is one of the few providers to provide both buy-side and sell-side solutions — and do so in a way that allows it to mine, and provide, relative intelligence to each side. Plus, it is able to build a proprietary RiskRank on this data that provides more accurate risk insights to the electronic components in its database than any other risk provider on the planet (provided you know what the RiskRank means and how to use it).

This Spend Matter PRO Vendor Analysis provides facts and expert analysis to help procurement organizations determine if Supplyframe’s NPI and DirectSource solutions is the right fit for their needs. It offers a detailed product walkthrough and analyst perspectives on Supplyframe competitors like LevaData and more than a dozen other alternative providers to consider in an evaluation alongside it. For more information on Supplyframe, be sure to read Part 1’s Supplyframe background, strengths/weaknesses and tech selection tips.

This article requires a paid membership that has access to Sourcing, Supplier Information & Relationship Management (SIM and SRM), or Supplier Risk Management.
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