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The Contingent Workforce and Services (CW/S) Insiders’ Hot List: February 2021

02/25/2021 By

Welcome to the February 2021 edition of Spend Matters Insiders’ Hot List, a monthly look at the contingent workforce and services (CW/S) space. For those new to this Spend Matters PRO column, each edition covers the month’s important or interesting technology and innovation developments in the CW/S space.

In February, coronavirus infections in the US dropped significantly, people are getting vaccinated, but we’d all like to see production, distribution and points of service working like a well-oiled supply chain.

Heading into 2021, the CW/S industry continues to advance with technology being a significant impetus. In fact, it seems that pandemic conditions have been a boon to many CW/S technology solution providers. One news items explores if LinkedIn will go head-to-head with Fiverr and Upwork

Also, as the economic recovery hopefully continues to accelerate, businesses will be figuring out how to manage their total employee and non-employee workforces and the mix of third-party services. And that will impact how technology will be used and what will be required of solution providers.

So let’s see what else was going on this month.

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