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Compleat: Vendor Analysis — P2P solution overview, roadmap, Compleat competitors, customer feedback, tech selection tips, strength/weakness

03/08/2021 By

The technology space for solutions that automate purchasing processes like P2P is becoming more and more interesting. P2P suite vendors often get the news coverage, but many others have their own market niches. They have found value in their approach, and that is the case with Compleat.

It is a Nimble offering according to our SolutionMap’s P2P standards, but it also offers functionalities like creating purchase orders, ordering purchases on sites such as Amazon Business (without losing control of spending), and receiving and digitizing invoices to approve them and leave them ready for payment. Although these types of solutions do not match up with the extension of functionalities that large suites do, there is a market where their value is appreciated — in the middle market populated by small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis will focus on an overview of Compleat's P2P solution (iCompleat), its platform and services, solution functions, company roadmap, customer feedback, Compleat’s competitors, tech selection tips, and product strengths/weaknesses from our analyst.

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