Public Spend Forum: Public Spend For-Her, AR/VR in 2021 and supplier shortlists made simple

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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Read more from PSF and GovShop founder Raj Sharma here: Working towards a more open and accessible public sector marketplace – for suppliers and buyers.

This week's latest from PSF:

Reduce time and effort on finding government suppliers

Reduce time and effort on market research with GovShop’s government contractor profile pages.

PSF is always on the lookout for opportunities to make government contracting more efficient, both for contracting professionals and their industry counterparts. They have been looking at market research techniques, like requests for information and sources sought notices, to reduce the number of these exercises and replace the hours spent on paperwork with more constructive techniques that streamline the acquisition process and improve contracting outcomes.

Using the free, browser-based market research platform built specifically for government contracting, you can find out how many sources exist in a particular market segment, so you can put together a shortlist of qualified suppliers fast.

To understand how to use GovShop, read this.

Extending Reality: AR/VR in 2021

On Friday, March 19, Julie Smithson, Founder of MetaVRse, Augmented Reality technologist, Board Chairperson of XR Women, and a highly recognized leader in the rapidly emerging and developing field of virtual reality, will be sharing her personal journey through the field of AR/VR. This webinar is brought to you by Public Spend For-Her (PSFH), an organization within Public Spend Forum that promotes gender equity in the public procurement space and beyond. Through this webinar series, PSFH hopes to provide opportunities for successful government suppliers and procurement professionals to share their experience and insight in the public procurement space, to empower young professionals of all genders to excel, and to project and inspire the creation of more inclusive spaces.

Julie will share her unique experience as a female leader in the technology ecosystem, and her insights into how best to achieve gender equity in the workplace. She will also be talking about the future of AR/VR, entrepreneurship and growth in emerging technologies, building collaborative, inclusive communities and the impacts of Covid-19 on AR/VR. Register here.

Barriers to Entry final findings report 

Hundreds of people joined the Public Spend Forum and GovShop 'Barriers to Entry' symposium which highlighted the final findings of a six-month national study. The study covering Federal, state and local government markets, in which buyers and suppliers participated to share the primary challenges faced by companies working with government and identify solutions to address them. In PSF's mission towards "Open Government Markets" it has made its report and full data set of study findings, along with actionable solutions, available here:

And in other news ...

EcoVadis announces the general availability of its Carbon Action Module 

Meet Microsoft Mesh: The virtual future

Whitehall to recoup cash from suppliers who provided faulty PPE

Biden’s review of US supply chains stirs experts from the procurement world to react

British MPs fault delayed tenders scrutiny clause in pact with Kenya

The Irish Times: New measures aim to strengthen oversight of major State projects

The US Air Force is preparing to radically alter the acquisition strategy for its next generation of fighter jets

Centralized deployment hub has been key to UK vaccine rollout success

UK releases guidelines to help governments accelerate ‘trusted’ AI deployments

Why Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) should be used as a management tool to help improve US contractor performance

DoD space agency to award multiple contracts for up to 150 satellites

German court for federal procurement disputes rules MOD not held to continuing acquisition of heavy transport helicopters

Changes to public procurement in the United Kingdom post Brexit

EuropeWave seeks developer views ahead of tender

UK Ministry of Justice awards £8m Amazon deal to provide civil servants with access to a dedicated online buying portal


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