Procurement data nightmares? No more bad dreams — join our webinar with Creactives

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Last year we held a webinar with procurement and supply chain data categorization experts Creactives and their customer Siemens. Focusing on how to “accelerate your procurement data categorization” it was extremely well-attended and produced a lot of audience Q&As. Recognizing the imperative for clean, categorized data in their digital transformation and process automation initiatives, attendees had concerns over just how complex and time-expensive it is to implement an AI-driven categorization system. They also wanted to know how some of the bigger firms had faced their data categorization challenges and how they fixed them; whether data categorization is the answer to the traditionally more difficult categories to categorize, like MRO, and they had practical concerns over whether AI-driven categorization can be implemented in phases, or needs to be carried out all in one go. All of those conversations can still be heard here on-demand.

What it told us was that organizations are thinking more deeply about their categorization strategies and are putting more and more store by what harmonized procurement data categorization can do for them when applied in an AI-driven manner.

So, recognizing that many procurement organizations are, in fact, still struggling with data challenge nightmares and are seeking advice on how to solve them, we are putting together another webinar later this month to help organizations understand exactly what they can realistically do about it.

The problem for procurement is that they are often asked to work with spend data that comes from both structured and unstructured origins and which is merged from various sources, including disparate IT systems from various regions. They then have to align it and somehow arrive at a global, single and accurate view to help them understand what is being spent where, when, how and with whom in order to help them deliver business value (not to mention savings).

What you will learn

In this webinar, Spend Matters' Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell will explain some of the nightmares that CPOs are facing in real day-to-day scenarios, like the effects of bad categorization, duplication, language barriers and disconnected systems, all leading to poor organizational visibility. More importantly, he will be explaining how we can fix these problems.

There is no doubt that technology can have considerable potential for procurement and supply chain management, but you need to understand how to use it and for what if you want to get the right outcomes. So Pierre will be joined by Vanessa Pepperell, COO & Global Strategy Director at Aquanima Grupo Santander, who was previously in charge of corporate purchasing control and processes at Gestamp, a Creactives client and international leader in the design, development and manufacture of components for the car industry. She therefore brings experience of the criticality of data for diverse industries from automotive to banking. Vanessa will share her unique insight into how her procurement organization delivered value to the business by harmonizing procurement data to support evolving processes and analytics. She says:

"We all already know that data is a key driver not only for procurement but for all areas and roles. Big data, AI and robotics are already here to complete the path that companies started some years ago. The pandemic boosted this and proved that a strong data system allows agile companies to perform better than those that are less proactive (in terms of supply chain visibility, contingency plans, stocks level, contingency plans and so on).

"We all also know that good and reliable data is the basis of getting the right information to transform our role into a true value derivable area. Thinking about how we can approach this challenge and where to start is the first step, with change management also being crucial along the way."

Adriano Garibotto, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Creactives, will share some use cases offering real-life insight into how good data can be used in any industry to improve your procurement processes.

The webinar will take just 60 minutes and is designed to give useful and actionable advice from first-hand experiences on how to solve your procurement data nightmares.

Clear an hour of your diary for "The Procurement Data Nightmare. What are you REALLY prepared to do about it?" and prepare your questions for:

Thursday, March 25, 4pm- 5pm CET / 3pm-4pm GMT / 10 am US Central time

More information about Creactives and its data categorization expertise can be found here.

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